Is Becky G Jealous of Austin Mahone’s Co-Star in His New Music Video?

By April Lara | 2 years ago

Becky G and Austin Mahone are one of the most-talked couples today. Just recently, Mahone released a new music video “Dirty Work” where he gets steamy with her co-start. Did Becky G got jealous? Read below for the full details:

According to most fans of Mahone, “Dirty Work” is a bit racy and it makes Becky G jealous. However, there is no truth to the latter as Becky G is in full support of her boyfriend’s new music video. In fact, she took to her Twitter account to promote Mahone and his new music video.

Mahone also said that things were so awkward when they shoot the intimate scene with his co-star. He mentioned  that they didn’t have chemistry  that the team behind the music video had to play a different song to shoot the raunchy scenes and they were managed to pull through.

That being said, it only means that there is nothing to be jealous about! It looks like Mahone remains loyal to Becky G despite their busy schedules. He even talked about their busy schedules as one of their relationship’s challenges but they always make sure that if they find time to be with each other, they always make the most out of it.

Becky G is also reported to collaborate with Mahone in one of his new songs in his upcoming album. Fans should definitely wait for this.

Everything’s well between the two!

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Photo source: Facebook Austin Mahone

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