Becky G Keeping Herself Busy After Breakup; Austin Mahone Looking For a New Girlfriend?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Becky G Keeping Herself Busy After Breakup; Austin Mahone Looking For a New Girlfriend?
Austin Mahone is riding on the waves of fame and popularity as he spends his vacation without his girlfriend Becky G and he is not really feeling that he is missing something. Becky G on the other hand is stressed but has found her way out to relax.

After Becky G and Austin Mahone announced their split, how are the two holding up? Read on for more details.

According to Franchise Herald, Becky G is keeping busy with working out and at the same time, she is busy working on her upcoming concert tour. Two weeks after their breakup, Becky G took to her Twitter account to assure her fans that she’s doing okay and she is happy with what happened. The good thing, though, is the former couple never bashed each other via social media and maintains a civil relationship despite of the breakup.

Rumor has it that Mahone is looking for a new girlfriend. He is happy being single, but he is open to a new relationshi. Rumours have been going around that he plans to go back with his ex Camilla Cabello. However, Mahone quickly slams the issue and said that he will never get back with Cabello.

Mahone and Becky G’s relationship have made fans happy, but it was a short-lived romance. These two have been very affectionate towards each other during their relationship as shown on their social media accounts. Fans are still rooting for the both of them to get back together. However, with their busy schedules and the two seems to be already moving on, it’s a long shot but who knows?

Fans are also wondering whether the two will still push thru with their music collaboration. A few months ago when Mahone released his “Dirty Work” single, he said that he will be working on Becky G in one of his songs on his new album. But that was when they were still together. Maybe things have changed now? What do you think? Do you still want these ex-lovers to collaborate? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo source: Facebook/Austin Mahone

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