Becky G Moving on From Austin Mahone… With Babies In Mind?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Becky G Moving on From Austin Mahone… With Babies In Mind?

Becky G looks like she’s doing great after her split with Austin Mahone. In fact, she just recently started talking about babies! Read on for more details.

Over the weekend, Becky G was seen pushing a baby stroller around. It turns out it was her cousin Mia! She said that a lot of people thought she was hers and she was getting these strange and judgemental stares as she walks around with the stroller.

I totally had a moment when I was pushing Mia around in her stroller today. When my parents got married and had their first child they were my age. The amount of stares I got from older adults because I was with a child were surprising. There were nice ones and not so pleasant ones. My parents were against all odds and probably told they couldn't or shouldn't do it by so many. They've been through so much. It made me proud. 4 kids and many years later they are still happy with their decision to have a family and are happily more inlove than ever. Don't ever let anyone tell you what real love is or when it's gonna happen or when you're ready for it. They don't know what they're talking about. You'll know what real love is when It happens when you're ready for it. ❤️💭 #yesimwifeymaterial #noiwontbeyourwifeanytimesoon

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According to J-14, Becky G commented that her parents were young parents when they had their first child and she was surprised that she got plenty of unpleasant stares from people. She then talked about her parents being young parents before who went against all odds just to be together and she said that’s what matters the most. After four children, her parents are still happy together.

It also looks like Becky G is still not over Mahone when she started talking about real love when she talked about her parents.

She said that no one should ever tell anyone what real love is, “ Don’t ever let anyone tell you what real love is or when it’s gonna happen or when you’re ready for it. They don’t know what they’re talking about. You’ll know what real love is when it happens when you’re ready for it,” an excerpt from her statement.

But before you think about her thinking about having babies, well, she just put the hashtags, “#yesimwifermaterial and #noiwontbeyourwifeanytimesoon.”

Well, she’s not really planning to have kids and with whom, right? But judging from the way she handled the weekend with a baby in tow, she’s going to be an amazing mother for sure.

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