Becky G Reacts to Austin Mahone’s New Music Video [Watch Video]

By April Lara | 2 years ago

Austin Mahone has just recently launched his new music video “Dirty Work.” And what does Becky G, his girlfriend say about it?

Well, Becky G is in full support! She tweeted, “Make sure you guys check out the #DirtyWorkMusicVideo by @AustinMahone.”

According to Franchise Herald, Mahone and Becky G went public when he appeared in her music video “Lovin’ So Hard” and since then, the couple has been showing their love for one another in interviews!

Mahone also commented that it was awkward for him to get cosy with a co-star in his new music video.

“When we were shooting that part, it was real sexy, real intimate and then it was hard to get into the mood with ‘Dirty Work’ playing. So they are like, ‘Cut, cut, cut, we are going to try this again, but I’m going to throw you a curve ball.’ And so they did it again and played this super sexy R&B song that was crazy, and so that made that shot a lot better,” Mahone said.

Becky G is set to star in her boyfriend’s new music video soon. Mahone said that he’s currently collaborating with Becky G for his new album and in that case, a music video featuring the two will be seen again.

During his interview with Pop Shop Podcast, he shared some details about his new album.

“There’s definitely some love songs. And there’s actually a song that I wrote and produced at my house that I had her do a verse on, so it’s pretty cool.”

As perfect as these two can be, just like any normal couple they have a share of challenges as well especially that both have busy schedules. The good thing is that they always make the most out of the time that they can get together.

Check out Mahone’s new music video below:

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Photo source: Facebook Austin Mahone

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