Is Becky G Taking A Jab at Austin Mahone’s New Girl?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Is Becky G Taking A Jab at Austin Mahone’s New Girl?

Has Austin Mahone found a new girlfriend to replace Becky G? And is Becky G taking a jab on Mahone’s new girl? Read below for the full details:

It was 8 months before these two decided to call it quits. Becky G and Mahone’s breakup came as a surprise to their fans after it happened right after his release of his new music video “Dirty Work.” That time, they were perfectly fine and has been showing the whole world their affection for one another. Sadly, though, it didn’t last and it looks like someone found a new love… or maybe that’s what the other thinks.

Becky G has recently posted a Drake meme on her Instagram account and it says, “When you see your replacement.” This led fans to speculate that maybe Mahone is already dating someone else.


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However, judging from his social media page, particularly Mahone’s Instagram account, the only thing that he’s been snuggling with is a cat.

She loves me 😌

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Right after their breakup, rumors of Mahone getting back with his ex-girlfriend Camilla Cabello started to go around but Mahone was quick to dismiss the rumours. On the other hand, Becky G is busy with her music and her tour but has been posting some cryptic messages on her Twitter account page that somehow shows that she’s still sad over their breakup.

I wonder if Mahone is seeing someone already we don’t know yet… and Becky G probably knows who the new girl is. If she really is throwing shade on Mahone’s new girl, well, isn’t that even shadier? What do you think?

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Photo source: Facebook/Becky G

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