Before ‘The Last of Us,’ Naughty Dog Dumped 150 Game Titles: Bruce Straley Reveals Via Unpublished Interview

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Before ‘The Last of Us,’ Naughty Dog Dumped 150 Game Titles: Bruce Straley Reveals Via Unpublished Interview
“The Last of Us” name was picked among 150 game titles.

“The Last of Us” creator Bruce Straley revealed the titles they came up prior to naming the video game as it is now in a previous interview with Riot Games senior writer Jason Killingsworth. How did they come up with it? Read on for more details.

When asked about the process of creating the names for their game titles, Bruce Straley said it took them to collect three sets of 50 names in order to come up one title.

But before they decided to choose “The Last of Us,” there were two other names that Straley revealed to have stood up: “Mankind” and “Americana.” These two were supposed to be used until they arrive for the current game title.

“There were bunch of those one-word ideas but ‘The Last of Us’ just felt right,” Straley told Jason Killingsworth in an interview uploaded via Google Docs.

Straley divulged how difficult it was to decide on a name. He said he has this Word document in which he would create 50 different names.

Game programmer Neil Druckmann would also have his own 50 sets of unique titles. And besides the two of them, they also polled the whole company, Naughty Dog, Inc., for 50 name suggestions as well as asking Sony for contributions.

Among the three sets of 50 names and Sony’s suggestions, Straley said Druckmann’s list contained the title that struck a chord to them.

“We whittled the list down and both he and I independently picked ‘The Last of Us,’” Straley said.

Straley was aware that not everbody liked the title. However, he reasoned it was the type of title that could be interpreted in different ways.

At the end, Power Up Gaming said Straley was proud of “The Last of Us” because of its uniqueness and impression. Indeed, the name’s worth proved it.

Kudos to Bruce Straley, Neil Druckmann, and Naughty Dog, Inc.

Jason Killingsworth’s interview with Straley did not make it into publication because of space limitations. Hence, the Google Drive upload.

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Photo source: Facebook/Naughty Dog, Inc.

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