Behati Prinsloo Talks About Halloween With Adam Levine On Instagram; ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Model Stars In Tommy Hilfiger Ad Campaign

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Behati Prinsloo Talks About Halloween With Adam Levine On Instagram; ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Model Stars In Tommy Hilfiger Ad Campaign
Behati Prinsloo Adam Levine

Fans of the Namibian model, Behati Prinsloo, have spotted her reminiscing about the past Halloween with her husband Adam Levine. But this conversation was not done privately, they had opted the social media platform certainly to be in the limelight. What can you do more to be in the news?

Whatever the couple is sharing over Instagram or other social media podiums, but it is good to know that so far there is no clue of misconstruing between them, which has become a trend in the film industry. May God save them!

Kpopstarz reveals that Prinsloo and Levine may be planning for a baby, but they are still not in the same track in this topic. Presently, Prinsloo’s modeling career is at the peak, and the “Maroon 5” frontman Levine is tightly scheduled in the U.S. TV series “The Voice,” which indicate that they need some more time to think about expanding the family.

There is also a buzz in the air that the 36-year old Levine is mentally prepared to enjoy fatherhood as he has been “expressing his ardent wish since last year.” But “Victoria’s Secret” angel just turned 26 this May. It is still a young age to mother a child according to Hollywood Standards. This is certainly the reason why the tall and beautiful model is continuously pushing back their future plans.

“I have no expectations. Not in a bad way, but I have learned that you can’t plan ahead. I live day by day and see what happens,” Prinsloo told in an interview with Net-a-Porter of their future just after a week of their wedding on July 19, 2014.

According to Fashion Times, Tommy Hilfiger has come up with an advertising campaign to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary. The campaign stars Prinsloo with other celebrities like Julia Hafstrom, Miles McMillan, R J King, Nate Gill, Simon Nessman and Bruno Fabre.

Prinsloo began dating Levine in 2012 but they broke up in March 2013. Later they settled and announced their engagement in July 2013. After a year, the couple was married in Mexico.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine

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