Bella Thorne ‘Blended’ into Playboy November Issue

By Edson Kyle Encina | 1 year ago
Bella Thorne ‘Blended’ into Playboy November Issue

Actress Bella Thorne “blended” perfectly in Playboy‘s November issue magazine feature.

The Perfect High star made her Playboy debut for the publication’s November issue. Bella is best known for her wholesome appeal on the Disney sitcom Shake It Up. So when the former Disney actress decided to appear on Playboy, it surprised a lot of her fans.

The Blended star showcased her raw beauty in Playboy‘s “no-filter” feature. Regardless of what the Internet critics say, Thorne’s decision stands firm.

According to E! News, Bella has no qualms about being naked. The actress expressed herself in an interview by Playboy. Bella told the publication that she loves showing off her skin. The actress explained that if you are confident enough to show your body, then you should.

In the Playboy interview, Bella insisted that she will not change regardless of what the Internet critics tell her. The actress was frequently criticized on social media for being too edgy at times.

In a response to all her critics, Bella said: “I’m not going to change for anybody else. I love staying true to me.” On top of all that, Bella Thorne blended all the hate to bits by telling her haters “f–k off”.”

The Blended star appeared in various sexy outfits in the Playboy photo shoot. She even wore a jacket that had the word “Bowie” sewn on the back side. Bella mentioned that she wore the jacket because she was paying tribute to late legendary singer David Bowie.

As for her other outfits, Bella also wore a silky blue top. Bella Thorne blended perfectly into her cream colored shorts, matching her skin tone.

The Shake It Up star is no stranger to showing off her nicely toned body. As for her movie projects, Bella stars as the lead of a horror film scheduled for 2017. Watch out for her once Playboy’s November issue drops on major retailers starting Oct. 25.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Playboy Official

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