Are Bella Thorne And Patrick Schwarzenegger Starring in ‘The Notebook’ TV Series?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Are Bella Thorne And Patrick Schwarzenegger Starring in ‘The Notebook’ TV Series?
Bella Thorne

The CW is recreating “The Notebook” into a TV series. As much as fans would love to see Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling together again, it seems very far off. Two new young stars are more likely to star in the upcoming TV series and it looks like Bella Thorne thinks she and Patrick Schwarzenegger will be the best choice for the series. Read on for more details.

While promoting their upcoming movie “Midnight Sun,” Inquistr reported Thorne boldly compared it to “The Notebook.” This is a very courageous comparison as “The Notebook” is one of the best and most beloved chick flicks of all time, and giving her upcoming movie such high praise only means that it’s THAT good.

Why did she say “Midnight Sun” is like “The Notebook?” During her interview with The Wrap, the 17-year old actress said it is because the movie focuses on a very sad love story. Although her character doesn’t suffer from a disease that affects her memory, she suffers from a very rare condition in which sunlight exposure can kill her. With that, her dating life becomes difficult and luckily she found Schwarzenegger’s character.

In an interview with Perez Hilton, Thorne said, “If the tiniest bit of sunlight touches her, she dies. She meets a boy that she’s been in love with her whole life, watching him grow up through her window. Long story shot, they fall in love.”

Thorne also revealed that “Midnight Sun” will not have the happiest of endings. So for those who are eager to watch the film, get your tissues ready because this looks like you’re going to need it!

Thorne and Schwarzenegger are good buddies and have developed a close friendship while filming. Aside from that, both starring in “The Notebook” series might just be the perfect match. What do you think?

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Photo source: Facebook/Bella Thorne

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