Ben Affleck Cheating Scandal: Nanny Christine Ouzounian Has Shown Intimate Photos of Him to Her Friends

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Ben Affleck Cheating Scandal: Nanny Christine Ouzounian Has Shown Intimate Photos of Him to Her Friends

This is getting more and more twisted as days pass by. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s nanny Christine Ouzounian who was reportedly having an affair with Ben has apparently shown intimate photos of the actor to her friends. This comes after Ben and his associates have constantly been denying that there was no affair at all.

According to Radar Online, Ben Affleck has denied that he cheated on estranged wife Jennifer Garner with their children’s nanny Christine Ouzounian. However, new reports claim that the nanny has shown her friends some intimate photos of the actor, which only supports the fact that there must have been at least a fling between the two.

One of the representatives from Ben’s team defended the equation between the actor and the nanny by saying that there was no affair at all. This representative also added that Ben was being friendly and not flirty since the nanny was taking care of the most important people of his life. However, one can’t be certain what was going on in the nanny’s mind as she confessed to some of her friends that she indeed slept with the actor. This story was confirmed by a friend of hers, who in an interview stated that she is in love with him and despite being told that she will get hurt in this relationship, she continued this alleged relationship.

Unfortunately, Jennifer Garner knew nothing about all of this, however, she continues with her daily routine since she has an amazing support system. According to reports, the nanny, a California native, started working with the family last year in spring. She was extremely caring and loving towards the children, however, a source mentioned that things started to go off track when Jennifer left to film her upcoming movie in Canada. The nanny reportedly started spending more time with the kids and Ben and accompanying him at a charity Poker tournament in Vegas. It is also said that Jennifer considers Ben to be an amazing father to her kids, however, with this incident, things have reached a new low for the couple.

As of now, the nanny’s employment contract has been terminated and one can hope that the couple can move past this soon enough.

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Photo source: Facebook/DC Cinematic Universe News

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