Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Real Relationship Status Revealed! Bennifer Rumors Finally Meets Its End!

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Real Relationship Status Revealed! Bennifer Rumors Finally Meets Its End!

It has been months when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were bombarded by infidelity controversies and it has been months since the pair finally decided to end their marriage, however, multiple reports said that Bennifer choose to give each other another chance. What’s the real score in their relationship? Read on!


According to Gossip Cop, the A-list couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner who issued their divorce months ago. They have been rumored to be having second thoughts on their marriage are NOT back together despite multiple reports that they are currently living in one roof again!

On Wednesday, an issue from the tabloid Star Magazine (via Gossip Cop) claimed that Bennifer’s $150 million divorce deal is definitely off as the couple decided to mend their broken marriage. Garner and Affleck are “picking up the pieces of their broken marriage” and is now “starting a fresh, romantic chapter in their relationship.”

However,the outlet quickly dismissed the news as they noted that the given information in the tabloid have no enough evidence to proved that Bennifer couple got back together. The site claimed that the pictures that were used in the news were paparazzi photos of the pair while with spending time with their kids—Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina. Aside from that, the quotes that were written in the article were unconfirmed quotes from various tipsters.

Star reported that sources close to Affleck and Garner said that the celebrity couple’s relationship has grown stronger to the extent where they even talked about giving their marriage a second chance.

The so-called family insider quoted that Garner realized that she’ll never got a chance to find someone as great as her ex-husband.

Affleck, meanwhile, has been “working hard” to get Garner back to his life. When he found out that his ex-wife wanted to give it another try, he was left surprised by the sudden change of her heart.

The source said,“It finally seems like they both really want this marriage to work.”

The site noted that the rest of the story in the tabloid revolves around Bennifer’s other marriage issues and how the therapy sessions they’ve been attending together helped them to work out their marriage.

Based on Hollywood Gossip, through therapy, Affleck was able to open up about himself to Garner and was able to apologize also. Garner, in return, just listened to him.

However, as Gossip Cop claimed, there’s no doubt that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are in good terms now and are always spotted together but everything is not because of any “getting back together plan,” it was for their children and besides, they decided to be friends and nothing more.

A source close to Garner strongly disagree with the issue that Star Magazine claimed.


Photo Source: Facebook| Jennifer Anne Garner

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