Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s Ex-Nanny Doing A Tell-All Interview?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s Ex-Nanny Doing A Tell-All Interview?
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Ben Affleck alleged cheating scandal on Jennifer Garner with their former nanny Christine Ouzunian had the media in a frenzy! And amidst the controversy, it seems like Ouzunian is taking advantage of this and is planning to sue Garner and also plans to go on a tell-all interview! Read below for the full details.

According to some reports, the reason of Affleck and Garner’s divorce is because Garner caught Affleck and Ouzunian having sex during a family vacation. That being said, when the news came out people are banging on Ouzunian’s door asking for an interview. The sudden interest in the couple’s ex-nanny has sparked up an idea. Now, the ex-nanny wants to use this scandal to make a lot of money.

In fact, the ex-nanny doesn’t shy around from paparazzi at all. She seems to be more present right now after the news came out. Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that Ouzunian has hired a high profile PR firm to handle her new-found fame.

 “Christine has undergone a makeover in the days since being accused of having an affair with Ben. This girl is going to be Ben’s worst nightmare. She knows everything, and isn’t camera shy. She is close to signing a big pay check to do a major TV interview.”  the source said.

Apparently, Ouzunian is willing to talk about her affair with Affleck on national TV and also, to sue Jen for “wrongful termination.”

Currently, Affleck is strongly denying the alleged affair with Ouzunian while some of Ouzunian friends have told that something really happened between the two.

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Photo source: Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck Facebook

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