Rumor: Ben Affleck May Score ‘Golden Deal’ With Warner Bros For Batman Trilogy

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Rumor: Ben Affleck May Score ‘Golden Deal’ With Warner Bros For Batman Trilogy
The handsome hunk Ben Affleck is all set to exhibit his creative skills by being the director of the Batman movie. Things are only rumored at present, but indications are strong. The final confirmation will come from Warner Bros.

If rumors are to be believed, you might get to see a “Batman” movie directed by Ben Affleck. The higher authorities of Warner Bros are quite impressed with the work done by Affleck and quite possibly they may sign him for the entire trilogy which gives Affleck enough work for 10 years. The rumor first erupted back in June 2015, and it is still circulating around and if they are to be believed Affleck will direct the standalone Batman movie. A couple of weeks later, a new report came to notice, which strengthened our belief even further.  Read on for more details.

Collider states that Affleck is working with DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Bros on the screenplay. However, no confirmation has been received from the Warner Bros.’ side.

Another rumor has cropped up regarding the involvement of the Hollywood actor in the movie and in case they are true, Affleck will have his both hands full for many years to come with Batman movie.

According to Den of Geek, a cut of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which is almost finished but not yet finalized, was screened for the higher-ups at Warner Bros and the film’s crew. It was reported that it made a remarkable impression so much so that they gave it a standing ovation.

Above all, looking at the wonderful work done by Affleck in the movie, they are looking forward to extending the contract with him. Collider reported that the studios is looking forward to having a complete trilogy of standalone films, instead of just one Batman movie.

Looking back a little in the past, considering the fact that the private screening went on so well, it calls for a really good work from Jack Snyder and his company.  It is quite possible that the people involved in the movie may have biases and it is not a test screening, but at the end of the day, things will turn up well for the final cut as they are excited about what Snyder did the final cut.

It is not easy to convince Warner Bros and if they are willing to give a “golden deal,” then Affleck must really have performed remarkably. It seems Affleck is well aware as to what he is doing. He must be sufficiently confident about himself and the studio as he commits himself for a period of around 10 years. However, all of this has not been confirmed yet by Warner Bros.

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