Ben Affleck’s Affair with Christine Ouzounian Over? Nanny Believes ‘Batman v Superman’ Actor is Still in Love with Her

By Jerone Cruz | 2 years ago
Ben Affleck’s Affair with Christine Ouzounian Over? Nanny Believes ‘Batman v Superman’ Actor is Still in Love with Her

Ben Affleck’s affair with Nanny Christine Ouzounian was just recently revealed to the public sometime last week. However, not long after this bombshell reveal, the 42-year-old “Batman” actor seems to have ended things with the 28-year-old nanny.

Last Sunday, Aug. 2, Christine Ouzounian; the woman who allegedly was one big reason for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s split up; was recently seen by an eyewitness at the Bel Air Hotel pool. There, she was seen browsing on her phone and admiring the photos of her and Affleck taken by the paparazzi.

However, after some time, a source said that Ouzounian suddenly got a call from a friend. While talking to her friend about Affleck, and him being in Atlanta, as The Celebrity Auction reports, Ouzounian said that she got a text from “him.” The talk between Ouzounian and her friend suddenly got all dramatic wherein she said, “He broke up with me… He told me he loved me, but he can’t be with me under these circumstances.”

Is the “extra-marital” affair between Ben Affleck and Christine Ouzounian over?

Well the “Argo” actor, according to Hello Magazine, implied from his statements that nothing is over because nothing between them ever started. A spokesperson for the actor claims that the rumors are “garbage” and the “Batman” actor vehemently denies all accusations of having a romantic relationship with the nanny who took care of his and Garner’s three children – Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel – just last spring.

It looks like its going to be “Batman” v Nanny before Affleck dukes it out with the “Man of Steel” next year. What we do know is that, according to People, Christine Ouzounian told her friends that she is in love with him.

What do you think of the issue? Is this just one of those stories wherein an unknown person wants to have her 15 minutes of fame or is this one of those wherein an older powerful man abuses his influence and takes advantage of a younger woman? Tell us your opinion about it, we would love to hear from you.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Batman v Superman

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