Ben Affleck’s Nanny, Christine Ouzounian Sues Jennifer Garner For Wrongful Termination; Confirms Affair With ‘Batman’ Star?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Ben Affleck’s Nanny, Christine Ouzounian Sues Jennifer Garner For Wrongful Termination; Confirms Affair With ‘Batman’ Star?
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After being fired, Ben Affleck’s Nanny, Christine Ouzounian wants to sue Jennifer Garner for wrongful dismissal.

Multiple sources claimed that Ouzounian has an intimate relationship with her former boss, Affleck, and this made the 43-year-old actress, Garner, to fire her, but Ouzounian claims that she was wrongfully dismissed by the latter. Now, the couple’s former nanny has met with her lawyers as she plans to sue Garner! Find out all the details below.

The 28-year-old Ouzounian was hired last spring to become the nanny of the celebrity couple, Affleck and Garner, but she was eventually fired by the actress after the latter discovered that upon the couple’s relationship hiatus, she and Affleck were spotted together on a trip to Las Vegas without the kids!

This rumor was then contradicted by Ouzounian, claiming that yes, she does have strong feelings for Affleck, but she does not feel that’s a good enough to kick her out! And now, Ouzounian is determined to take an action with her wrongful termination. She has met with her lawyers to sue Garner.

A source exclusively reported in HollywoodLife that Affleck asked their former nanny if she wanted to fly back to L.A with him from the Bahamas. He assured her that it was okay if she wants to hop in. Technically, he was her boss, and not Garner so, there’s nothing wrong with that, right? But the source said that Affleck then convinced Ouzounian to go to Las Vegas with him for his poker tournament. They even stopped for a while to pick up Tom Brady for the trip. The source also added that while in Vegas, Affleck hid Ouzounian the entire time.

Affleck may have successfully hidden his nanny to the public while in Vegas, but not to Garner! She eventually found out their trip, and from that, everything becomes a mess—everything falls into pieces.

A source reported that when Garner heard about their trip without the kids, she flipped out. She fired Ouzounian right away, without hesitations and Affleck did nothing about it. Upset about the outcome, Ouzounian decided to meet her lawyers to file a wrongful termination a Garner.

But, the source revealed that in truth, the couple’s former nanny would rather be Affleck’s girlfriend. “She has strong feelings for him and wishes he wanted a relationship,” HollywoodLife source adds.

If Christine Ouzounian will continue her suit against Jennifer Garner, it will surely be a paparazzi’s favorite as there are possibilities that her rumored secret affair with Ben Affleck will be dig up.

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Photo Source: Facebook| Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

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