Ben Higgins’ Plan To Quit ‘The Bachelor’ 2016, Higgins Dated Tenley Molzahn And Cassandra Ferguson?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Ben Higgins’ Plan To Quit ‘The Bachelor’ 2016, Higgins Dated Tenley Molzahn And Cassandra Ferguson?
Who will rule Ben’s heart? Tilley or Molzahn?

When “The Bachelor” 2016 is at the final minutes, Ben Higgins is hit by a plenty of rumors that he is planning to quit the show but his contract will not allow him. But why will he want to quit when he is at the right podium to get his life partner? Continue reading below to unearth the hidden fact.

“The Bachelor” 2016 is said to commence its filming this week starring Higgins. Now, the ball is going to be in his court to decide from an entire host of women whom he wants as her life partner. However, the buzz is in the air that he had already found his love and he is very much in touch with her. Hence, he is contemplating to quit “The Bachelor” 2016. But since he has a signed contract, “The Bachelor” is compelling him to go through the entire process and even date another woman.

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A few days back, OK! Magazine claimed that Higgins was seeking for money and not for love. The outlet also claimed that he had been in a relationship with her then girlfriend Kelly Osborn at his hometown Denver in Colorado. Both were not only spotted together, the insider informed that the duo was involved in flirting, cuddling and getting very close just like a loving pair. They were also present together on Sept. 6, 2015, at a concert raised by Taylor Swift.

Higgins’ secret relationship with her hometown girl is also claimed by Youth Health. He is said to have met Osborn just after “The Bachelorette.” It was before the announcement was placed that he was chosen as the 2016 Bachelor.

Yibada (via Reality Steve) has claimed Higgins is a playboy as he has flirted two other women – Tenley Molzahn and Cassandra Ferguson – at the same time. The report has surfaced that Higgins was involved in a constant flirtation with Ferguson but she turned her back to him  later after making her decision to date Jonathan Holloway.

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