Benched Recap: Curry Favor

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Benched Recap: Curry Favor
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“Benched” Season 1 Episode 7 “Curry Favor” aired last Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on USA Network.  In this episode, Public Defender Nina Whitley (Eliza Coupe) gained a new friend that later on proved to be difficult, as she turned out to be corrupt. Meanwhile, Public Defender Carlos (Oscar Nunez), who stayed over at their colleague’s place, Phil Quinlan (Jay Harrington), tried and failed to help him with his gambling habit. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Public Defender Nina Whitley (Eliza Coupe) started out her morning badly as she was late for work; had her car parking slot stolen by a woman who overheard her insulting her pant suit and had deliberately closed the elevator doors on her new boss, Geoffrey (Gary Anthony Williams). To top it all off, her colleague, Phil Quinlan (Jay Harrington), and her other male co-workers insulted the statement scarf that she was wearing. Nina then told them, particularly Phil, that they did not know how to empathize with others. She then pointed out to Phil that he hadn’t noticed that Carlos had been sleeping at the office. After Carlos informed them that his new place would not be ready for a week, Phil offered that he stay over at his place in the meantime.

At court, District Attorney Trent Barber (Carter MacIntyre) surprised Nina with a new discovery file on her client, which showed that he clearly had traces of opium in him. Much to Nina’s surprise, the surprise witness was the woman who stole her parking slot that morning — Forensic Analyst and Expert Edie Purch (Annie Sertich), who blew her case apart.

Afterwards, she continued to have a bad day as the coffee machine at the coffee cart in the plaza outside their office building was broken. Edie then paid for Nina’s coffee and then apologized for the fact that Nina had been having a bad day. However, as Nina realized that she had found the one person who finally got her, they decided to grab lunch together.

At Phil’s apartment, Phil got him and Carlos some beers in order to enjoy watching the Knicks game together. Carlos then discovered that Phil’s blinds, faucet, ceiling and window were all broken as Phil had lost a lot of money on the Warriors game recently.

The next day, Carlos and Phil saw Nina at the coffee cart, where she was joined by her new best friend, Edie. Suddenly, they were joined by Phil’s bookie, Farley (Andrew Friedman), who gently reminded Phil about the money he owed him for the Knicks game, which earned a look from Carlos. At the office, Carlos tried to talk to Phil about his gambling habit, which Phil resented. Carlos then warned Phil that one day, Farley and his goons might come to him, especially since Farley had managed to track him down to his office. Nina, whom Phil classified as a goon, then came and told Phil that they were just work friends.  

At lunch, Nina gave Edie a delicious cookie that she had found, and Edie told her that her client’s laboratory tests came back clean. Carlos then apologized for criticizing Phil’s lifestyle and brought him to the meeting room at jail since his client, Jimmy, had tipped him off that a horse, named “Guilty As Charged,” would win in the next horse event with odds that are 50–1. Because of this, Phil decided that they would place $1,000 so that they could win big. Phil then told Carlos that with that money, they would purchase a lot of things, such as boats.

At court, Trent was shocked that Nina plead not guilty for her client, as she thought that he was truly clean. However, she then learned that her client had indeed been high. Afterwards, she confronted Edie, who revealed to her that she had fudged the evidence for her, and begged her to go to trial and not to withdraw the evidence.

Back at the office, Carlos reassured Phil that he had placed their bets. Nina, who was tapping her pen on the desk as she was stressed because of the difficult position that she was currently in, told Phil about her problem, without mentioning Edie’s name. Phil, who was constantly distracted by Farley’s calls to him, told her to consult her new best friend.

Back at court, Trent decided to drop all charges since her client’s blood tested negative for cocaine. Nina then felt guiltier as Judge Nelson (Fred Melamed) asked the visiting middle school class who had gone on a field trip to the court house to give a round of applause for justice.

Meanwhile, Phil, who was distracted during his closing remarks as he was watching the horse race and because Farley and his goon had come to the court house, told the jury that they should rule that his client was “guilty as charged” as that was the name of the horse, which he had bet on, that had won.

Back at the office, Phil started to rejoice as he envisioned everything that he could buy and told off Farley and his goon who had come to visit him at his office. However, Phil’s happiness burst when Carlos informed him that he had not really placed the bet as Guilty as Charged wasn’t supposed to win. Carlos had been trying to teach Phil a lesson as all of the things that Phil had mentioned that he would do with the prize money had nothing to do with fixing his apartment. After Carlos tried to sacrifice his own legs to Farley and his goon, Farley informed them that the goon was really his brother-in-law, whom he had brought there to see a real lawyer’s office as he was taking paralegal classes.

Later that night, Nina discovered that Edie had a habit of breaking the law in order to win over friends, such as fudging evidence. She then advised that she turn herself in, which Edie refused to do.

The next day, at the coffee cart, Nina told Phil that she was not in the mood for office banter as she had to send her best friend to jail. At this, Phil was surprised, as Nina and Edie had only known each other for a short time. Nina then discovered that Phil had known that her dilemma had involved Edie and that he had had her arrested as she had fudged evidence around 89 times that year. Nina then realized that Phil was truly her friend and that he got her. Afterwards, he insulted her belt.

Back at the office, Geoffrey applauded Nina’s actions in bringing Edie to justice and then informed everyone that because of that, they had to retry a whole load of cases, causing the entire office to jokingly be against Nina.

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