Benched Recap: Hooked and Booked

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Benched Recap: Hooked and Booked
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Benched” Season 1 Episode 3 “Hooked and Booked” aired on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on USA Network. Public Defender Nina Whitley (Eliza Coupe), in order to be truly part of the gang, participated in a Public Defender tradition. She purposefully spent a night in jail in order to understand their clients more. Meanwhile, Public Defender Phil Quinlan (Jay Harrington) organized a boy’s night out in an attempt to cheer Carlos (Oscar Nunez) up as it was his first anniversary without his ex-wife, Rosa. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Public Defender Nina Whitley (Eliza Coupe) visited her client Yolanda “Baby Jones” Hernandez. The woman has been charged with possession of drugs as she had been found with two ounces of cocaine in her bra. However, Nina could not take the awful smell of the room, and  she had to wipe the table goo she had touched on her nice white blazer. She tried to make the meeting short by telling Baby Jones to accept a deal with the District Attorney. As Nina left, Baby Jones insisted that she would not take any deal.  

Back at her office, Nina insisted that her colleague, Phil Quinlan (Jay Harrington), give her his hand sanitizer quickly as she had table goo on her and threw away her blazer. Beside them, a very upset Carlos (Oscar Nunez) hit his computer as it was freezing, and of all days, it had to be that day — his first anniversary apart from his ex-wife Rosa. Because of this, Phil organized an anniversary for Carlos and invited both Larry and Nina to join them. However, Nina turned down the invitation. She was going to go to a spa as her gift certificate for that particular spa would expire that night.

At court, Nina tried to get Baby to plead not guilty and to talk a deal. However, she insisted on refusing what Nina had been suggesting. She brushed Nina’s hand away from her shoulder, which caused Nina to trip over her own high-heeled shoes. However, this caused Baby to be taken away once again for assaulting her lawyer.

Back at the office, Phil told her that it was understandable that Baby had thrown a fit. She had not wanted to spend the night in jail, and he told her that he was sure that she would. Phil then mentioned that in order to fit into the team. There was a Public Defender tradition in which one would purposely get arrested in order to spend a night in jail so that they would understand their clients more. This tradition, which Nina just heard of, was called “hooked and booked.”  After telling them that she was seriously considering on doing it, Phil high fived Larry and Carlos as he had just been joking.

As they were walking in the parking lot, Nina, to her disappointment, realized that everyone thought of her as a snob. So in order to adhere to tradition, she flicked the guard Morris’ (Cedric Yabrough) arm so that she would get arrested for assaulting a police officer.  She did this as she thought that the entire process wouldn’t last more than an hour. It meant that she still had time to make her appointment at the spa, which was to whom she made her one call to. However, much to her dismay, after getting her mugshot taken, Morris left her in jail for the night with a bunch of other women whom she mistakenly called psychos.  

Meanwhile, Carlos refused to drink the shots that Phil had bought for them. She lived vicariously through Larry and Phil.  

In jail, Nina continued to plead with the officers to let her go. He tried to explain her predicament, especially as she really had to go to the bathroom. However, as she was told to use the toilet provided in the cell. She ended up urinating in front of every woman in the cell she was in. Then as if her day could not get any worse, Baby Jones was brought to her cell.

After the shots, Phil and Carlos were able to meet up with two girls at the bar. They were having a great time with each other until Carlos’ girl said that they had wanted to "peel." However, they got turned off after Carlos said that he was not ready to bring back a girl yet to his apartment. She had meant that they had wanted to go to a better club.

While heading to a karaoke stripper club, Phil noticed that Carlos was not really in the mood to go partying. All he wanted was to get Rosa back. Because of this, they decided to go and get Rosa back for Carlos. However, both Larry and Phil had forgotten that they were in a moving car. They suddenly tried to get out of the car while it was still moving, which greatly alarmed Carlos.

Back in prison, Nina and Baby fought each other as Nina had told her that she was not afraid of her.  The guards then came and tasered them both. When she came to, she thought that she was at the spa as someone was massaging her temples. However, one of the African American women in her cell had been massaging her temples as she had become unconscious because of the taser gun. Baby then expressed her desire to slap her again. Nina’s ugly shoes were the reason why she was back in jail. She then revealed to Nina that the drugs weren’t hers, but her boyfriend’s. He had been the one who had asked her to put the drugs in her bra. She did not tell Nina this before as she did not want her boyfriend, whom she loved, to end up in jail. Nina then told her that she was dumb to go to jail for a man. However, she stopped as she realized that she was currently in jail because of a man — because of Phil, as she did not want to seem like such a snob.

Meanwhile, at Rosa’s, a drunk Phil tried to hide behind a plant so that he could coach Carlos to get his wife back. However, as he had seen that Rosa was with a very fit man that night, he crawled over to Carlos and told him that they should leave to add mystery. However, as they walked away, Carlos realized that his ex-wife was with another man, who was very fit, like Mark Wahlberg.

The next day, instead of getting mad at his computer for freezing on him, he exercised so that he would be as fit as the man that Rosa had been with the night before. Nina then came in and told them that she had actually spent the night in jail instead of at the spa and had gotten tasered. She had been in a fight, and that it really helped her understand her client more. Now, Baby was a free woman. As she went to the bathroom to refresh herself, the three men agreed that they would never tell her that the entire thing had been a prank.

However, they were soon busted by Morris, when he gave Phil a CD with the security footage. He showed Nina being tasered after the men had given her a gift certificate to a cheap spa. Because of that, Nina followed one of the inmate’s advice and was successful in punching Phil in the stomach for making her stay one night in jail for nothing.

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