Benched Recap: Pilot

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Benched Recap: Pilot
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“Benched” aired its pilot episode last Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on USA Network. This episode introduced Nina Whitley (Eliza Coupe), who, after having a meltdown after being passed over as partner at a prestigious law firm, became a public defender. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Nina Whitley (Eliza Coupe), a high-powered attorney at a prestigious law firm, who was crying silently in her phone as her ex-fiance, Trent Barber (Carter MacIntyre), had just told her that he was now engaged. However, she had to cut the conversation short, as everyone in the firm were waiting for her to appear so that the announcement of the newest partner at the firm could be made. Much to her surprise, she found out that she had been passed over for partner and discovered that Debbie Matherson was the new partner of the firm. As she had sacrificed her entire life working hard at her career, which led to her break up with her ex-fiance, she had a meltdown and threw things around in anger, which culminated in her breaking a vase that had been given to the firm as a present from Elton John. Afterwards, her boss told her that she would never work corporate law again. However, she did not mind as she claimed that she would get a better job than that one in no time.

 Six months later, Nina walked into the Public Defenders office, as that had been the only job she had been able to get. There, she noticed that the clients were arguing with each other, the office needed a lot of repairs, and she had to be at court in five minutes. She also met two the lawyers at the firm, Cheryl (Maria Bamford), who had lost her previous client, and Phil Quinlan (Jay Harrington). She also discovered that she was a minor celebrity, as word had quickly gone around about the incident at her old law firm.

At court, she met their intern, Micah (Jolene Purdy), and had an unpleasant surprise as she found out that Trent was the Deputy District Attorney, which meant that they would always come toe to toe at court. The first half of her first day at court as a public defender did not go so well, as she was not able to negotiate for the release of her clients, and most of their bail amounts were set to prices which they could not afford.

During their lunch break, Phil decided to give Nina a toast, as she had just survived her first half day as a public defender. Before she left to go back to court to review the remainder of her cases, she discovered that the entire firm had discovered that she had been with Trent.

Back at court, she found that the bailiff did not like her at all, as he would not tell her the whereabouts of her client, Inez Gutierez.

While Cheryl tried to defend her client, Phil asked Nina why she had fallen for Trent. He then told her that he would give anything to see her “wipe that smirk off his face” and wanted her to “destroy Trent” as he knew that she thought that he was “too good for her.” Myka then took the opportunity to inform Nina that Phil used to be like Trent but had settled for being mediocre and a public defender, as he got scared after he had lost a few cases. 

She then rose to the challenge and defended Inez Gutierez, who had allegedly stolen some diapers, to the point that she was able to get the best of Trent. She was able to get Inez released with a bail amount of $1.

Later, as the entire office had drinks after work, Phil told her that watching her defend Inez like that gave him something to believe in and reminded him why he had become a lawyer. Nina felt flattered, but her happiness was cut short when she learned that he was just making fun of her. However, she was quickly able to turn the tables after she jokingly invited him to her place and left him at the bar, smiling.

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Catch “Benched” every Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. on USA Network.

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