Benched Recap: Rights & Wrongs

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Benched Recap: Rights & Wrongs
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Benched” Season 1 Episode 6 “Rights & Wrongs” aired last Dec. 2, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. on USA Network. In this episode, Public Defender Nina Whitley (Eliza Coupe) finally gave in to a compromise. It is one of the first in her life because she experienced her first plea deal case, with none other than her ex- fiancé, District Attorney Trent Barber (Carter MacIntyre). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Public Defender Nina Whitely (Eliza Coupe) and her client in a courthouse elevator. As he had coughed all over her coffee, she ended up giving it to him.

At the office, her boss Burt (Jack McGee) announced that as the office was experiencing budget cuts, they would be rationing their office supplies. Nina then learned that she had to be placed on a waitlist in order to get new ballpens. Her colleague, Phil Quinlan (Jay Harrington), offered her his pen. Nina did not really want it as he had chewed on all of his pens.

 At the courthouse, Micah (Jolene Purdy), the office intern, gave Nina her caseload for the day and her offer sheet of plea deals from the District Attorney. However, Nina refused to take it as she only believed in winning cases. Because of this, she told her ex-fiance, Trent Barber (Carter MacIntyre), that she wouldn’t even look at it.

She then faced off with Trent. She was defending a man named Fletcher, who had been overcharged with tagging property damage and other charges. She then told Judge Nelson (Fred Melamed) that her client was not guilty. This caused Judge Nelson to be irritated. It would mean that there would be another trial on his docket.

After Nina, Carlos (Oscar Nunez) came forward and surprised everyone as he was wearing a woman’s blouse. He had to give his buttoned-down white blouse to his client, Mr. Garango. Despite the fact that he was charged with dealing marijuana, he came to court wearing shirts with marijuana on it.

Outside the courtroom, Phil sarcastically mentioned to Nina that it seemed like Nina and Trent had worked out their issues with each other. Trent then pulled Nina aside. He tried to tell her that their world was very different from the way that corporate law worked. However, Nina stubbornly refused to give in.

Back at the office, Micah and Carlos tried to tell Nina that that was really how the system worked. Nina only cared about winning all of her cases. Later on, after Phil took a look at the Fletcher case, he told Nina to take the plea deal. Most of their clients have had some felonies on their records one way or another.  However, Nina insisted that Trent’s case was weak. He decided to head over to Eastern Los Angeles in order to get footage from a security camera that might prove her client’s innocence.

At the courthouse, Phil was shocked when he saw Nina after the little trip to Eastern Los Angeles, as she looked really harassed. She then told him that she looked that way. She had accidentally sprayed pepper spray all over herself instead of the dog that had been chasing her and also because her purse had been snatched from her. The only thing that she had to show for her efforts was a video tape of some obscure movie.

After she had gotten cleaned up, she was approached by Burt. Judge Nelson had called him up to tell him about Nina as she had barely made it to court. Because she was adding more trials to his docket, all because she wanted to win. He then told her that in their world. It was not possible to win all of the cases that were given to them. If she tried too much, she would end up like one of their former lawyers who had worked so hard that he had broken down and jumped off the roof to his death.

Later that night, Nina asked Carlos if he ever thought that he was going to burn out. Carlos then revealed that he was also a true believer, like her, as he had been given the same speech by Burt before. He then told her that he knew that what he was doing was his calling.  He was currently taking antacids as he ate too much gum in order to break his smoking habit, which his ex-wife did not like. Afterwards, he told Nina that it was good to know that he wasn’t the only one like that in the office.

Next day, Nina decided that they would not compromise on the quality of their coffee. Micah did not make any coffee for them because their office did not have any coffee at all. However, after placing some coffee in the machine, Phil told her that the machine was busted. They then started to worry about Carlos, as his ex-wife, Rosa, had just served him his divorce papers. However, he just told them that he was fine and that he was read to win some cases.

Back at court, Judge Nelson, who had gotten upset with both Nina and Trent as Nina would not accept any of his plea deals, decided to lock him in his chambers until they had settled some of their cases out. However, instead of settling their case load, they ended up debating, as Trent told Nina that she just has to win everything. However, Nina mentioned that Trent had won their breakup. He told him that she could not believe that he had broken up with her after she had given him everything. Trent that told Nina that the reason was because sometimes she was just a little bit too much. Afterwards, Judge Nelson started to threaten to murder them if they did not settle their cases as they had not been able to resolve anything.

During her lunch break, Nina asked Phil is she was too much. Phil then told her to check her email before he answered her question. It turned out that Phil had made a few phone calls. He was able to get the security camera footage that she had been looking for. She brightened up as she saw that her client did not tag the wall. She groaned after seeing that he had stolen the vandalizer’s bicycle.

Back inside the judge’s chambers, she decided to accept her first plea deal from Trent, which made him proud of her. This was probably the very first time that she had given into a compromise. However, as she signed, she noticed that the District Attorney office’s pens were really nice. He decided to throw in a few small provisions to their deal.

Meanwhile, Carlos was able to get his client off with a plea deal in which his client would only be charged with misdemeanor possession. However, he got himself arrested again with the charge of public intoxication, as he had been high during his trial.

Because of this, Carlos told Nina that he had given up and had decided to go to the roof. Nina then hurriedly ran after him as she thought that he was going to kill himself. However, when she tried to talk him out of jumping off the roof, she learned that Carlos was just trying to sneak a cigarette. He told her that his day had just been average. Because of this, Nina decided to step off the roof, but Carlos quickly stopped her from doing so.

Back at the office, Burt congratulated her for finally accepting her first plea deal. Phil then told her that there was a big square thing that was holding a box for her. Nina then went to Trent, and accepted the box. After he left, Nina told Phil that even if she had given in to the plea deal, she had actually won. She then opened the box and dumped its contents on her and Phil’s desk. It turned out that in exchange for accepting the deal, she had asked Trent for a box full of new office supplies from their office.

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