Best Horror Movie Sidekicks Ever

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Best Horror Movie Sidekicks Ever
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The heroes of horror movies are a staple. There are also great supporting characters who always come to the aid of lead characters  or go against them just so they do what’s right.  Check out the best horror movie sidekicks below.

Tangina in “Poltergeist”

The actress who played Tangina, diminutive actress Zelda Rubenstein, was one if not the most loved character in the movie “Poltergeist.” Tangina, a spiritual medium, was asked to come to the aid of the Freeling family when their youngest daughter was trapped into paranormal limbo. In one of her memorable scenes in the film, Tangina, in her long dialogue, expounds that the light that’s been puzzling the film’s poltergeist. And of course, who could forget her line “This house is clean?”

Thackery Binx in “Hocus Pocus”

Cats! Yes. In any horror movie, the fans will automatically fawn over an immortal wise ass feline who’s actually a teenager from the 17th century and was hexed by the three witches. Who wouldn’t love Thackery’s character as he goes to help the kids of the 20th century and take down the three evil hags. Fan fave hands down.

Amanda Young in “Saw” franchise

Saw isn’t your typical horror movie as it relied on the gore and shock factor as compared to scaring you slowly but surely. But Amanda Young is one of the best as far as sidekicks go. She was an eager beaver follower, who devoted herself completely to Jigsaw, and was desperate to get his approval no matter how gory the antics get.

Annie and Lynda in “Halloween”

The movie “Halloween” cemented actress Jamie Lee Curtis as a certified scream queen. She was as the logical and smart babysitter who survived the attack. But it was her gal pals, Lynda and Amanda, who have the most memorable reactions upon seeing butter on her clothes, took them off. It made the film its best comedic moments and a great timing for them to meet their gruesome deaths. If they weren’t as ditzy, the movie would not have made any impact.

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