The Best on NetFlix This Holiday Season: ‘The Ridiculous 6’ and A Very Murray Christmas

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
The Best on NetFlix This Holiday Season: ‘The Ridiculous 6’ and A Very Murray Christmas

It is Christmas time, folks! And Netflix is gearing up for a fun-packed list of original movies and shows. What lies in the future? Much comedy if the Netflix movie list is to be read. Technobuffalo reports that the yuletide is going to be super fun on Netflix.

The first big news here is Adam Sandler. He has signed on a contract with Netflix that basically says he has to work on four funny movies for them. We don’t think he could scrimp on the number of movies, so we guess that he is going to scrimp on the funny bits. Nah! Just kidding.

We know that Adam Sandler is going to be funny, because we have already watched the trailer of his “Quentin Tarantino” inspired “The Ridiculous 6.” Like Tarantino’s seminal yet to be release the powerpacked “The Hateful 8,” Sandler’s movie also has a numeral in the name. He said 8, Sandler said 6. Like Tarantino’s “The Hateful 8,” Sandler’s movie also has a few mercenaries who can fight.

It remains to be seen if the fight sequences in “The Ridiculous 6” are as good as the fight sequences in the Hateful 8. They got Samuel L Jackson, Sandler’s got Rob Schneider. So it is a very good parody. And we recommend you watch it.


The other big news is Bill Murray. If you are into Wes Anderson type classy stuff, Bill Murray is bringing it. His Christmas special is stuffed full of big stars like George Clooney and occasional weird attractions like Miley Cyrus. We wonder if Cyrus is going to keep her clothes on this time. At any rate, we can hope that Bill Murray will make a really classy joke about Cyrus’s get up that will make the posh nerdy types wet themselves laughing. We just hope that this is good too.

There’s also the next season of Puss in Boots to check out, if you like that sort of fun. Netflix is gearing up for comedy of all colors and we kind of hope that it is all super fun for every one.

Photo Source: Facebook / Ridiculous 6

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