Best Programs for Everyone and Anyone at the New York Comic Con

By Atanu Shaw | 2 years ago
Best Programs for Everyone and Anyone at the New York Comic Con

Various fan communities interested in pop culture will have a grand time in the NY Comic Convention 2015 as people of all walks of interests and enthusiasms gather for the most celebrated assembly. The convention features panels and programs that appeals to everyone from simple and intimate discussions among the fans, creators and scholars to whopping fun variety shows glittering and star-studded with the biggest name in the industry and entertainment world.

Here is a list of panels and programs that will appeal to various fan communities
1. Game of Thrones: A Panel of Ice and Fire – best for Lovers of Dragons, Winter, and Random Character Deaths

2. VIZ Media Presents: An Evening with Masashi Kishimoto, Creator of Naruto – anime enthusiasts will love an hour with Masashi Kishimoto

3. DC Comics – The Dark Knight 30th Anniversary – Bat-fans will enjoy this panel which will feature a lot of DC Entertainment star power. Who knows, Miller himself might just make a surprise appearance.

4. 75 Spirited Years: Will Eisner & The Spirit – comic historians and enthusiasts will have a gainful time discussing with the experts in the field.

5. Felicia Day Spotlight – meet the ‘nerd-lebrity’ of all time for an engaging early afternoon tlk.

6. [adult swim] Panel Block – an almost 3-hour discussion about animation for enthusiasts and aficionados.

7. Camp Out with Lumberjanes! – kids and kid at heart will love to meet all the special guest in this panel

8. ComiXology Submit: The Future of Self-Publishing – creators, particularly the aspiring ones, learn the ropes to get their work listed in the catalog that’s now grown to over 2,000 titles.

9. The Netflix (Original Series Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Marvel’s Daredevil) – video binge watchers favorite of all the NYCC2015 panels.

10. The Amazing Economics of Star Trek – for dismal scientists who love discussing the idealistic economy of the Star Trek universe.

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