Best TV Character Deaths And Near Deaths of 2015 – Remembering Quinn Anyone?

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Best TV Character Deaths And Near Deaths of 2015 – Remembering Quinn Anyone?

From enjoying TV Series just for fun to actually feeling like a part of it. We all have been there, when we get too attached to a character that his/ her death feels like end of our life. “Game of Thrones,” Jon Snow was winning this year but Peter Quinn from “Homeland” has been crowned the best and scariest character death!

Peter Quinn from “Homeland”: Its a near death or near reality kind of situation for Peter Quinn. It is yet not sure that, that last scene from “Homeland” Season 5 finale episode “The Affair,” was reality or just Carrie Mathison’s [Claire Danes] dream. Rupert Friend plays the character of Peter Quinn so well that its hard to believe that he joined “Homeland” series mid-season as just a sidekick! “Homeland” Season 6 will be revealing what actually happened to Peter Quinn.

Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones”: The entire year went by discussing as to whether he is actually dead or not. “Game of Thrones” Season 5 finale episode “Mother’s Mercy” had no mercy on Lord Commander of Night’s Watch, who got stabbed multiple times by his own Night’s Watch’s brothers. “Game of Thrones” team hasn’t really cleared about Jon Snow’s fate and has put him on the teaser poster for “Game of Thrones” season 6, which is coming April 2016.

According to recent buzzes, Jon Snow will be resurrected and will head back to Winterfell with wildlings to kill Ramsay Bolton. He will be reunited with Sansa Stark. According to Den of Geek, “That seems highly probable. Of course, who would give that bastard a pardon remains to be seen. Perhaps, he’s simply fighting for Sansa  until Daenerys inevitably shows up and joins forces with the then-pardoned bastard for a joint effort against army hordes of the undead.”


Shireen Baratheon from “Game of Thrones”: Princess Shireen Baratheon, the story lover and good hearted little girl gets killed off for mistaken motives. Till the last minute, it was thought that Stannis will stop all this nonsense but he did nothing. Shireen Baratheon from “Game of Thrones” was the scariest sacrifice to the Lord of Fire by Melisandre.

Elena Gilbert from “The Vampire Diaries”: Though, it was not the characters death but actress demand, Elena Gilbert was a huge part of “Vampire Diaries.” Even “Vampire Diaries” ratings agree to it now! Nina Dobrev left “Vampire Diaries” with a thoughtful decision to experiment her acting skills somewhere else now. “Vampire Diaries” suffered from Elena Gilbert’s absence so much that it got reschedule for the first time in history and has to bring in Dobrev’s look-alike for the show.

However, “The Vampire Diaries” executive producer Caroline Dries accepts the fact that Huff looks like Dobrev but insists that it was just a mere coincidence. Dries told TV Line that she hasn’t met Huff yet personally, and that she believes that she is “perfect for the role”, despite the fact that she resembles Dobrev a lot.

Shayla Nico from “Mr. Robot”: “Mr. Robot” suffered for an entire episode with Shayla’s death. The computer hacking genius, Elliot had only one person keeping him close to normal life. The drug dealer and Elliot’s love interest, Shayla’s death was a shocking one!


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