Bethenny is in booze war with Sonja to trademark ‘Tipsygirl’

By Ruma Saha | 2 years ago
Bethenny is in booze war with Sonja to trademark ‘Tipsygirl’
Photograph shows Bethenny Frankel endorsing her booze line “Skinnygirl.”

“Real Housewives” seems to be in real battle over trademarking booze line.  A report of Pagesix says that Bethenny’s “Skinnygirl” cocktail line sounds too similar to Sonja Morgan’s “Tipsy girl”(two word) prosecco, which is a similar liquor line. Frankel has filed paperworks for trademark to own the name “Tipsygirl”(one word).

The report says that on Morgans’ birthday party she offered her “Tipsy girl” liquor (that she was going to launch soon) to all the guests present including Bethenny. To many guests in that party, the brand name of this new liquor sounds similar to Bethenny Frankels’ booze line “Skinnygirl”. Frankel didn’t comment anything on this at that moment. Soon, it was found out that her company SG Marks LLC had applied for trademark on “Tipsygirl”. The records in US Patent and Trademark Office shows that Sonja Morgan’s partner in business, Peter Guimaraes, had registered to trademark “Tipsygirl” almost seven months back.

A report in Inquisitr says that Guimaraes had stated that the move was illegal and unethical one. Sonja didn’t expect it from a friend like Bethenny. The move is meant to undermine Morgans’ brand “Tipsy girl”. Frankel might have felt insecure by the launch of a powerful competitor in the market. So she had taken this gambit to stop the progress of rival brand. Guimaraes further added that Bethennys’ “Skinnygirl” is not their competitor so they have no intention to copy that brand name. Moreover, they don’t have a market strategy of misguiding people on weight loss. According to Pagesix report, a representative of “Skinnygirl” says that their move is to defend the brand name of this product to avoid any confusion in the market.

Bethenny Frankel started his liquor line way back to 2011. Her liquor business worth nearly $100 million. She has been described as liquor baroness for her success in this business. She had started her business with cocktail line but has a plan to expand her booze line to include vodka, tequila and even wine.

Frankel and Morgan are co-star in “Real Housewives of New York” city and are also good friends prior to this feud. Bethenny had supported Morgan in her fashion line business in the show. According to report of Inquisitr, Bethenny cannot accept that her friend is going to copy her business idea. Sonja already has a track record of doing copycat of others’ business idea in the show. Now its’ time to see when does war ends between “Housewives”?

Photo Source: Facebook/Skinnygirl

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