Bethenny Frankel Sues Tea Company for Using Skinnygirl Brand!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Bethenny Frankel Sues Tea Company for Using Skinnygirl Brand!

Bethenny Frankel is suing a tea company for using the name of her brand, Skinny Girl. Apparently, the tea company is using the name to sell slimming teas and detox infusions. Read on for more details.

Bethenny Frankel is in a bad mood. Frankel’s label SG Marks is suing Travis and Stacey Labarge for using the Skinnygirl brand she owns without her permission. According to TMZ, the two companies are selling near identical products which include weight loss teas and detox teas. Both the labels claim that their tea is a completely natural supplement and helps people lose weight.

The Travis and Stacey SkinnyGirl Tea offers a range of teas that include detoxes and daily appetite suppressant teas, which purportedly promote healthy living. The website promotes the use of these teas to help the drinkers with fitness goals. These teas are supposed to be a healthier alternative to traditional weight loss drugs.

The company may or may not have started before Bethenny Frankel’s company SG Marks. Its website is currently inactive and unavailable for comment.

Bethenny’s company also sells a range of detoxes and weight loss teas. It also has a range of cleanses designed to detoxify and cleanse your body from inside. Bethenny’s company SG Marks is suing the Travis and Stacey tea group for their use of the label Skinny Girl Tea, which, according to SG Marks, has now become a lucrative brand due to Bethenny’s backing. SG Marks stated that Travis and Stacey are piggybacking on SG Marks success with their copycat labelling.

Many in the industry are claiming that this new development is an advertising gimmick by Bethenny Frankel. Skinny Girl is a very common term and the other company might have picked up the term unknowingly. Nevertheless, the companies have locked heads for the use of the label and might drag the issue to court.

Daily Mail reported the news first.

Photo Source: Facebook / Bethenny Frankel

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