Better Call Saul Is Being Filmed for Breaking Bad’s Spinoff

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Breaking Bad offered the viewing public a great run. With this, they are offering a spinoff that will showcase the witty and ingenious lawyer in a spinoff entitled Better Call Saul.

These are just mere rumors. Nothing was verified by the staff yet. As the title suggests, it is going to be about Saul Goodman. He has become famous for letting junkies get out of their problems. He is also known for his great but not really legal ways of getting away with his cases.

Aside from being a lawyer, Saul Goodman is considered as the perfect balance in the show. He adds the comedic touch to it. His attitude and his plans are all culprits to this.

No More Walter White for Us

The finale of the Breaking Bad series made it clear to us that Walter White is dead. If not, he will be in jail because the police came right after he blew the place where his former allies were working. Better Call Saul is more like a prequel.

Also, there were reports that it will run like a comedy rather than drama as what Breaking Bad had shown. This means that there will also be a little bit of Jesse Pinkman on the show. It makes sense because he was established as a junkie right from the beginning. At one point in his life before Walter White, he could have used the services from the infamous lawyer.

More From the Original Cast Will Return

Even if Walter White is no longer there, there will still be loads of roles that will be given to the original cast of the Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul could be a hit because the previous series is considered as one of the best TV dramas of all time.

Aside from Aaron Paul, who will play Jesse Pinkman, Bob Odenkirk also joined in the cast. He was Saul Goodman right from the start. Vince Giligan, the director of the original show, will also work on his talent for this. However, Hank Schrader, one of the crowd favorites says he is not going to make it as his contracts will not allow him to do so.

There are already rumors that they are shooting Better Call Saul in Albuquerque already. If yes, then, they will be able to make it by November. It is hard to surpass everything that Breaking Bad has set. Will they just ruin the show or add greatness to it?

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