Better Call Saul Season 1 Recap: Alpine Shepherd Boy

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Better Call Saul Season 1 Recap: Alpine Shepherd Boy
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In “Better Call Saul” Season 1, Episode 5 “Alpine Shepherd Boy” Jimmy got a few clients who wanted his services while Chuck needs to go to a psychiatric facility. Oh and it looks like Mike’s in trouble. Read on f0r the full recap.

We picked up where we left off with Chuck in his foil suit and the cops at his door. Of course, he wouldn’t go near the door. It was because he doesn’t want to be exposed outside so the cops had to break in. Before they did, they found out that electricity is cut off in the house. When they got inside, Chuck scurried off and looks like he was in pain. They took him to the precinct.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was with a client. He saw him on TV and thought that he is the best man to take on his case. Ricky, the client gave off the impression that he’s filthy rich. Because Jimmy wants to take up his career to a higher level, he was blinded by the “riches” of the man. It was especially when he took out a wad of cash – a million, to be exact, which would be his fee for his services. Ricky handed him the cash and to Jimmy’s surprise, the money was a fake. It was because it has his face printed all over it. So much for a million dollars.

Well, no worries because he had other clients to attend to.

His next client was a man named Tony who required his services for patent law. He invented a voice chip attached to a toilet. Moving on, his next stop was the house of an old woman who can only give Jimmy $140 for his services. Jimmy took the case.

After that he got a call from Howard Hamlin about Chuck who was in the hospital. Jimmy was shocked to see Chuck laying in a very lit room and asked to shut off the lights because “he’s allergic to electricity.” The doctors actually want to put Jimmy in a psychiatric area. It was because they know that the pain that Chuck’s feeling isn’t physical at all, it’s all in the mind. They proved it by secretly turning on electricity and getting no reaction from Chuck because he didn’t see it done and this proved that his problem isn’t really allergies but in the mind.

Hamlin showed up and disagreed of Chuck being admitted to a psychiatric facility. Of course, we know that he doesn’t want that to happen because that will make Jimmy his guardian and will cash Chuck out of the company. However, as much as Jimmy doesn’t want to put his brother in a facility he felt like it’s actually the right thing to do now.

Jimmy talked to his brother. He  told him that whatever he saw on the newspaper was actually a stunt so he could get started, but he’s not going back to his old ways.

This episode wouldn’t be complete without a Jimmy and Mike encounter: Jimmy left Mike his card. Mike thought he doesn’t need Jimmy’s services until cops came knocking on his door.

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