Better Call Saul Season 1 Recap: Hero

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Better Call Saul Season 1 Recap: Hero
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Better Call Saul” Season 1, Episode 4 “Hero” took us back to when Jimmy Goodman got his “Saul Goodman” name as well as his “crime” days.

What Jimmy does best before is conning goons in Cicero, Illinois and it’s actually funny how he got the “Saul Goodman” name and when he starts negotiating with such goons and they asked for his given name, he would always reply with “Saul… S’all good, man!” So, that solves the mystery.

Moving on, we saw one scene from his conning days when he worked with a goon and they came across a lost wallet with a hefty amount of cash in it and a Rolex. The owner was drunk and knocked out. Jimmy and the goon got the wallet and the Rolex, but when it comes to their “split” the goon fooled him by giving him all the cash and going away with the Rolex since it costs so much more than the cash. Little did the goon know that the watch is fake and Jimmy got home, all warm and happy with plenty of cash to spend.

We go back to the present day where Jimmy is still in the tent with the Kettlemans. Betsy still doesn’t want to head back home and hand over the stolen cash they have with them. Betsy tries to talk Saul in letting them go and even bribing him with money. At first, Saul didn’t want to take the money because he has changed until Betsy told him “You’re the kind of lawyer guilty people hire!” and that sold Jimmy.

He took the money and sort it out and considers the money as his hourly rate for legal consulting for the Kettlemans. Nacho has been freed and told Jimmy that he ratted on him and that he will have to face consequences. Uh-oh.

Instead of focusing on Nacho’s threat, Jimmy focused on upgrading his life with the cash that he has. Aside from getting a haircut and a nice suit, he also got himself a billboard, which was very similar with the Hamlin Hamlin & McGill billboard.

Howard saw this and wasn’t happy about it and Kim talked to Jimmy to tell him that if he plans to annoy Howard, it worked and handed over a cease and desist letter. A judge wasn’t too thrilled with the billboard who’s on Howard’s side regarding trademark infringement. Jimmy tried to gather up the press to gain support for his billboard, but they snubbed him so he went to college journalists and hosted an interview with them in front of his billboard.

During his interview, the billboard was being stripped down and Jimmy told them a sob story about being a self-made man being attacked by a law firm unfairly. In the middle of the interview, the man who was stripping down the billboard fell and dangled above the ground. Jimmy saved him and every thing was caught on camera.

And you guessed it right, it was all Jimmy’s plan and once again, it worked. He got home to several voice messages from different new outlets and they are now calling him a hero.

He visited Chuck by the end of the episode and Chuck asked for the newspaper. However, since he’s all over the news, he lied and said that the newspaper didn’t come that day. He actually doesn’t want his brother to see that he’s still using his con artist ways. Chuck was skeptical and so when Jimmy left, he braved the outside in a space blanket, got the newspaper from the neighbor and saw a headline claiming Jimmy’s a hero. Chuck sighed, knowing that his brother is back to his con artist ways.

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