Better Call Saul Season 1 Recap: Mijo

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Better Call Saul Season 1 Recap: Mijo
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Episode 2 “Mijo” of “Better Call Saul” shortly followed after its premiere. Read below for the full recap.

So the two teens got the wrong house and Jimmy (Saul) managed to find the house. Unfortunately, he was dragged inside by Tuco (if you are a “Breaking Bad” fan you’ve already seen him, the psychopathic drug lord). He knocked out the two teens first and his grandma went upstairs to watch TV as if everything’s normal. And then Tuco made a call to someone saying to bring his van. Right on cue, someone knocked on the door and of course it was Jimmy.

Jimmy was interrogated by Tuco. He managed to get out of the whole interrogation thing, causing Tuco to doubt. He really knows his words, this one. After that, the van came and Tuco got the two boys, as well as, Jimmy. They were all taken to the middle of the desert with some friends with him who look as scary as Tuco.

Jimmy tried to weasel his way out of it again and he successfully did. The two boys were subjected to Tuco’s wrath because he wants to skin them alive. He then tried to negotiate Tuco’s “punishment” for the two boys. Tuco just agreed to breaking one leg each.

Later that day, he went out on a date with a woman but he wasn’t really into it. He was so drunk so he left his date and went straight to Chuck. He forgot he has his phone on with him and Chuck threw it away. Chuck also found out about the boys but Jimmy told him that “he’s not back to his old ways.”

After that, a series of Jimmy defending criminals came and him staring at the mirror. It was before he proceeds to court saying “It’s show time” were shown.

Back at his office, a customer came but it turns out that it was one Tuco’s friends, Nacho. He wants to carry on with the task that he asked the teens to do but failed to do. He told Jimmy to tell him where they hid the cash and he’ll pay him. Jimmy is reluctant and Nacho told him to call him if he changes his mind.

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