Better Call Saul Season 1 Recap: Rico

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Better Call Saul Season 1 Recap: Rico
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Now that Chuck’s finally out of the hospital and back at home, Jimmy is now set to pursue a case. It was until an unexpected case pops up along the way and we’ve seen some brotherly love that really touched our hearts. Read below for the full recap of “Better Call Saul” Season 1, Episode 8 “Rico.”

Of course, this episode wouldn’t be complete with a flashback. We saw Jimmy before he became a lawyer for HH&M. He was actually already working for the company but as a mailman while his brother, Chuck is one of the most respected lawyers that time before he got “sick.” Even though he’s just a mailman back then, Jimmy’s charms have captured the heart of Kim already. In fact, it was actually Kim who delivered the good news to him that changed his life forever. It was after flunking twice that he finally passed the bar.

Jimmy was over the moon. He asked his brother a job at the firm as a lawyer. Chuck was so happy for his brother but being the older one and the one who wants to see Jimmy succeed on his own he didn’t let it show. When Jimmy asked for a job, he said that he would talk to his associates about it. It was actually Howard who delivered the news to Jimmy that there wasn’t a spot for him that time and they would reassess after 6 months.

Back in the present day, Jimmy was pursuing elder law. It was until she came across one elder woman who told him that she’s going to pay him once she gets her allowance from Sandpiper. That made Jimmy think, why is the retirement home giving her her allowance? What happened to her pension checks, social security checks and the likes? And why is her retirement home handling her money?

Jimmy dug deeper and found out that Sandpiper has been overcharging its residents. The legal team of the retirement home became aware that Jimmy is onto them so they started shredding their financial documents. Knowing Jimmy, he would do whatever it is to get to the bottom of things and by getting the bottom of things. He literally went to the bottom of a dumpster to retrieve the shredded files then headed to his brother’s house to put it altogether.

When he got there, Chuck was just looking at him trying to put back the files. It was until he fell asleep and never made any huge progress on what he was doing. That was when Chuck started piecing things together and got some vital information from the shredded files. Imagine the surprise on Jimmy’s face when he woke up to his brother being a lawyer again.

More surprisingly, Chuck offered to work alongside him to solve this case. Rich who represents Sandpiper came over to Chuck’s place together with some of his colleagues to settle the case. When Rich and the team got there they left all of their devices in the mailbox because of Chuck. Rich was so happy to finally met Chuck. It was because he knew him way back and he respects him then he offered $100,000 as settlement. He was taken aback when Chuck said they demand $20 million and if they don’t hand that over they will see them in court.

Meanwhile, Mike is trying to be a part of his late son’s family. He takes care of his granddaughter while Stacey leaves for work. One night, Stacey asked him what he would do with the dirty money and would it be okay if she uses it to support her family. Mike said that would be the best thing to do. However, Stacey knows that it’s not enough so Mike went to the Albuquerque vet to get a job.

After the whole negotiation thing with Rich and his colleagues, Jimmy passed out. When he woke up, he was shocked to find his brother outside getting files from Jimmy’s car… it looks like he’s finally cured.

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