Beyonce And Jay Z Expecting Second Child Through A Surrogate To Save Marriage

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Beyonce And Jay Z Expecting Second Child Through A Surrogate To Save Marriage

Is the power-couple, Jay-z and Beyonce having another baby? It’s been a while since the rumors about Beyonce’s another pregnancy created a buzz in Hollywood, but it seems like the “Who Run The World (Girls)” hitmaker is having her baby with a surrogate mother.

According to The Times Of India, a source stated that the all-kill music diva who’s been on top of her career since she debuted as a singer and actress and her hip-hop mogul husband, Jay-Z has been trying to have their baby number two for several months now, but was having trouble.

The Daily Star added that Bey is scared to take another high-risk pregnancy since the suffered a devastating miscarriage just before having their baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter. It was revealed in her documentary, “Life is but a Dream” the sorrow Beyonce experienced upon losing her supposed to be first child so the pair allegedly decided that the best decision to make was for them to have a surrogate.

An insider revealed to Metro that after all the ironclad legal documents were drawn up; it took the couple about two months to find the perfect woman to carry their child. The move comes three years after they welcomed their little girl, Blue.

According to the source, the surrogate is in early stages of pregnancy, so the duo has yet to announce it to the public.

The pregnancy for their second child was allegedly a way to save their marriage since not long ago, the couple was rumored to divorce each other.

In addition to this, the insider also stated that many of their friends though that they wouldn’t be able to hold their marriage together much longer if Bey didn’t get pregnant so when they found out the good news, it was like new life was injected into their marriage. “Jay is 150 percent invested now,” the insider from VINEREPORT claimed.

On the other hand, since Kim Kardaishan is expecting her second baby with husband, Kanye West; news about Bey feeling envy and jealous about the reality TV star condition and her asking for some advice to Kim when it comes to different methods of pregnancy has been circulating around the net.

However, according to Beyonce’s confidantes, the report is crazy and not true.

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Photo Source: Beyonce Official Website

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