Beyonce and Jay-Z to Donate Their Baby Gifts to Charity

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Beyonce and Jay-Z are reported to donate all their baby gifts to a charity foundation. Not often do you see any celeb doing such a sweet act for the better of others. This decision was taken by them after they were overloaded with gifts when their newborn daughter Blue Ivy took birth. And the gifts were so much in bulk that they decided to actually donate them.

The news was leaked out by a close friend of theirs. To quote what he had to say on this, he told that the couple has been sent hundreds of gifts in the past few days ever since their daughter took birth. And they have basically decided to donate these to a few local charities having young mothers. They feel they already got the world’s most priceless and precious gift-their daughter, that’s why they do not want any other gift. And in their view, donating them would help other parents who are not as fortunate as they are.

The only negative aspect associated with this donation is the fact that those who had sent those gifts to them might feel somewhat bad. Though, not much as they indirectly contributed to a good cause.

However, the SOURCE added that there is one gift that the couple has decided to keep. Its a diamond-encrusted Cartier dummy that has been gifted to them by one of their close friends working in the music industry. The dummy is said to cost no less than 20 thousand USD. It seems like Blue Ivy has already got her her first bling’s piece. Lucky daughter!

And the main thing to note is most of these were gifted by famous celebs. For instance, there was a huge trunk of books for children gifted by Oprah Winfrey. Apart from Oprah, the list of celebs also includes Rihanna, Kanye West, Mariah Carey and P. Diddy; all these had gifted luxurious baby gifts, which now might come handy to the children of a charitable trust.

It will be a nice-nice situation if 3 possibilities that are expected to come true, actually come true. First-the baby daughter like the diamond dummy, second-the gifts given to charity are liked by those children and young parents who get them and third-all those who gifted those gifts do not feel bad about it. We all know Beyonce and Jay-Z have taken this decision wisely without any intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Though, we have to admit that the scene is somewhat awkward.

BUT, We Are proud of you Beyonce and Jay-Z. Way to go!

And just a thought- what if all celebs start to walk on the footsteps of Beyonce and Jay-Z? Well, things can’t get better for those young children and parents who cannot afford such gifts.

Beyonce and Jay-Z to Donate Their Baby Gifts to Charity
Beyonce and Jay-Z to Donate Their Baby Gifts to Charity

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