Beyoncé Argues With Jay Z Over Dinner; Is She ‘Tired of the Lies’?

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago

Beyoncé and Jay Z spark divorce rumors even more as the couple is spotted having a heated conversation over dinner in LA. Does this mean her recently released single “Tired of the Lies” is really about Jay Z cheating? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and in these fan-captured photos of Beyoncé and Jay Z, it seems like there’s trouble in paradise. The A-list couple was spotted having dinner at a sushi restaurant in LA, but what seems to be a romantic night out turns out to be a date-night-gone-wrong. (Photos can be viewed here via Radar Online.)

Beyoncé and Jay Z divorce rumors started after the controversial elevator video was released online. Bey’s dad, on the other hand, dismissed the couple’s divorce rumors by saying that these were just a mere publicity stunt to increase tour ticket sales. But now that the couple doesn’t have any tours yet, does this mean there’s a hint of truth behind these divorce rumors? If there’s smoke, there’s got to be some fire, right?

The couple previously renewed their vows and had even tattooed their wedding rings on their body, but Beyoncé reportedly got her tattoo lasered off.

Beyoncé recently released a new single, “Tired of the Lies,” which talks about infidelity. Radar Online reported that Bey’s new song is sparking divorce rumors even more. Beyoncé sings, “I was once the one who had his heart. Until you had enough. Then you took that ring off,” in her new song. Ouch!

The outlet also reported that a source close to the couple claims that Beyoncé and Jay Z may appear like the perfect couple who has it all, but “behind close doors, they are not as happy as people think they are.” Well, in these recently released photos of Beyoncé and Jay Z in LA, they’re definitely showing that they don’t really have it all. It’s not like married couples do not fight anyway; occasional arguments can be pretty healthy in a relationship.

Is Beyoncé really tired of the lies and is Jay Z really cheating behind her back? Or do you think Beyoncé and Jay Z are happily married despite these rumors? Sound off in the comments!

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Miss Erica


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