Did Beyonce Believe and Become Affected To The Hook-Up Rumors Between Jay Z And Rihanna? Shocking Claims Came From A Biography Written By Celebrity Journalist!

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago

It’s been a decade now since the rumors about the hook-up between Rihanna and Jay-Z happened. It is speculated his wife Beyonce was affected by the issue up to the extent they allegedly broke up. These rumors are surfacing once again due to the various claims stated in an unauthorized biography from a celebrity journalist.

According to In Touch Weekly, J. Randy Taraborrelli penned the biography entitled “Becoming Beyoncé” dropped shocking claims about the things that took place to the three music personalities. Ten years ago, the alleged breakup between the married couple started when she prioritized her career more than their marriage.

The article shared that Radar Online was able to have an excerpt from the book. Taraborrelli claimed, “He felt that she was too concerned with and overwhelmed by it… She also had a tendency to become moody and defensive when under great work pressure, and it had begun to drive a wedge between her and Jay”


The pressure which surrounded the couple allegedly caused their cooling off. A she told him straight that she wanted a break from their relationship.  This was the time Rihanna came into the picture. She was just beginning in her career and is mentored by Jay-Z. Eventually, she became a part of his Def Jam label.

Mirror reported that someone who works for Rihanna before admitted to Taraborrelli that he just staged the hook-up rumors to make a noise for her rising career. Although these talks about their hook-up are all speculations that time, apparently his wife was swayed away by the issue causing her to be reluctant in trusting her husband.

“Beyonce wasn’t sure she could trust Jay when it came to his adamant denials, She couldn’t help but be skeptical,” as per written in the book.

For sure, once the book will be released, it will receive mixed reactions. Will Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Rihanna comment on the allegations or remain silent about it?

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