Beyonce Got Drunk! Is Everything Alright?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Beyonce Got Drunk! Is Everything Alright?

Beyonce Knowles was found drunk and disorderly on September 7. She was so drunk that her girlfriend had to escort her to the car. She held up her hand to her face because her eyes couldn’t take the shining lights. The lady looked like she had one too many drinks and was about to fall.

Last heard, Beyonce was expecting and Jay Z was going to be a proud father. But now that we have heard about Beyonce getting drunk, we wonder if the news was just gossip. We don’t even want to meditate on the other possibility, because we love you, Beyonce! What really made you so distraught that you decided to drink your blues away?

We hope that it was just an innocent night out. It was probably a girls’ night out. And we are already thinking up a story around the incident. What made her drink so heavily that she had to be escorted to the car? Why wasn’t she out with her family? What made her call on her friends?

People have always gossiped about Beyonce’s drinking problems, but we have always found the gossips hard to believe. But we wonder if the gossip is true? More importantly, why was Beyonce drinking when she is expecting a baby? Did something bad happen on that front? Stay safe, girl! And do give up on the drinking habit if you have one. Your fans expect you to be a responsible person. And we do hope that everything is alright on the family front.

Media Take Out website reported the news and gave some really sketchy details on the subject, but it is not difficult to put two and two together and we are worried about the celebrated singer.

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