Beyonce & Jay Z Allegedly Tense about Tell-All Book; Juicy Secrets to be Revealed

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Beyonce & Jay Z Allegedly Tense about Tell-All Book; Juicy Secrets to be Revealed
From Beyonce’s Official Facebook Page

Beyonce is apparently unable to sleep these days, as there’s a tell-all book that’s set for release. The book is threatening to expose the secrets of her marriage to Jay Z.

Set to hit the stands by the end of this year, the book is apparently written by Randy Taraborrelli, according to Radar Online. The author and journalist has notoriously published unauthorized biographies of celebrities like Michael Jackson and Diana Ross in the past. Beyonce and Jay Z have apparently gotten wind of the fact that Taraborrelli is doing some digging into the issues relating to Jay Z’s cheating, an alleged love child, some shady business dealings and possible drug use.

The Radar report goes on to say that the author is also looking into the discussions the power couple has had about divorce, as they reportedly attempted to separate at least three times during their marriage. The two have been married since 2008 and their representatives have, time and again, brushed aside rumors of any break up.

So worried is Beyonce about this possible bombshell from the book that the couple were apparently fighting about it in public. They were spotted arguing at an L. A. restaurant during their music tour last February. Taraborrelli also claims that the two have been actually been arguing a lot lately that they would have to see a therapist to mend their marriage.

The implication is that this book could not only shatter Beyonce and Jay Z’s perfect marriage as perceived by the public; it could also hurt Beyonce’s image as she fears the people will see her as a doormat for putting up with her husband. It has been written in other news outlets that Jay Z allegedly had an affair with Rita Ora, and that he has a 21-year old bastard son, Rymir Satterthwaite, who is trying to make it as a rapper in the same music business.

Taraborrelli, however, thinks the book will be a point of interest for many readers, especially those who regard Beyonce as an inspiration. He believes that they will be more inspired by her journey based on his juicy revelations.

Will Taraborrelli’s book get to see the light of day or will a restraining order completely foil his plans?

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