Are Beyonce and Jay Z on the Verge of a Split?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Are Beyonce and Jay Z on the Verge of a Split?

Close on the heels of the reports that said Beyonce and Jay-Z are still close comes a report that basically smashes down the idea that the two are in wedded bliss together. Read on for more details.

Apparently, Beyonce is tired of her husband’s many bouts of infidelity. She is also tired of him spending too much time with his many proteges. The two have had numerous tiffs and out and out screaming matches, some of which happened in public places. Beyonce, also known affectionately as Bey, is absolutely tired of keeping up appearances and just wants out now.

There is mounting evidence that the couple is moving towards separation. Beyonce hasn’t given a single interview in 18 months. She is reportedly so angry with her husband that she didn’t try to defend her husband when her sister Solange verbally abused Jay-Z in an elevator. She seems to have shut out all her emotions for her husband and is keeping stoically calm even though the relationship is killing her. She was recently spotted binge drinking with her girls on a girls’ night out, which made many people wonder what was wrong.

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But the press was then treated to the visuals of endearing photographs of the couple taking a vacation in Italy last week and everybody just assumed that they were finally okay with each other.

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It has been said that voluptuous singer is looking to go through a very public split proving to the world that she can’t take it anymore. She wants to grind it into public consciousness that she is the wronged party here. After all, her husband has been rumored to have flirted with Rihanna, Rachel Roy, and Rita Ora on numerous occasions and she has stayed faithful to him through it all. It has also been insinuated that Jay-Z has been helping his lovers with expensive gifts and finances.

Radar Online reported the news first.

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Photo Source: Facebook / Beyonce

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