Beyoncé and Jay Z: All Will Know When You Fake A Kiss

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Beyoncé and Jay Z: All Will Know When You Fake A Kiss
Beyoncé and Jay Z

Beyoncé, the sensational singer of the song “Drunk in Love” and the man in her life Jay Z, the rapper of “99 Problems” are leaving no stones unturned to put to rest the rumours of their divorce. In their latest attempt, which according to critics has not been so successful, the two were seen kissing each other on an Italian vacation. The PDA pictures went out to the public as gift to them for her 34th birthday. Read on to know more.

According to Radar Online, a body language expert however, has different views on the latest attempt. Beyoncé can be seen with one of her hand on the shoulder of her husband in one of the photos, while Jay Z rests his hands on her hips. Both are looking in the same direction with a wonderful scene behind them as the picture is being taken.


Dr. Lillian Glass, who is a body language expert, is quite certain that the kiss and the photo have been pre-planned. As we take a look at the next photograph, Beyoncé goes on her toes to reach out to her husband who is nearly seven feet to give the smooch. A lot of things are missing in this kiss, particularly passion and intimacy, to name a few.

When you are in love with a person and you kiss him or her, you get completely lost for a moment and your head drops to a side, nothing of this sort in seen in this photograph. The last big indication is the expression on the face of Jay Z. It can be clearly made out that he is not really amused.

According to Daily Read List, it is quite evident that the kiss is being forced onto Jay Z. he is standing as straight as a soldier and did not bend down to reach out to Beyoncé’s lips. What is indicates is that Jay Z is done with this relationship.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Beyoncé

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