Beyonce and Jay Z’s performance at the Grammy’s makes marriage look SEXY!

By admin | 4 years ago

Beyonce started off the Grammy’s with a steamy performance of her Drunk In Love alongside her husband Jay Z.

The star’s damp hair mimicking its condition just like that of her video, she performed solo for most of the song, writhing in her chair but it wasn’t till her husband, Jay Z took stage and joined her during her performance that we heard the song’s true calling.

Jay Z and Beyonce
Both husband and wife on stage sure did make marriage something to be desired and they certainly didn’t fail to make marriage look sexy.

Jay Z and Beyonce
Jay Z and Beyonce
The performance sure did amplify the energy of the crowd as Jay Z went over and performed a sincere butt grab on Beyonce (though unpracticed) made the internet go wild. The couple showed an excellent display of affection towards one another and might just have dropped off a few hints to couples who are not doing well in marriage as it’s just not spicy enough for them. Well you can try this! Though you may prefer to do all that in private (it’s ok if you choose it to make public ;)).

After their performance, the couple sat down together and kept that LOVE momentum which they picked up on stage going as they exchanged, snuggles and pecks as they sat together till Jay Z went up to grab his award for his song, Holy Grail.

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