Beyonce Jealous Of ‘Bad Blood’ Hitmaker Taylor Swift? Calvin Harris’ Girlfriend New Pop Queen?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 3 years ago
Beyonce Jealous Of ‘Bad Blood’ Hitmaker Taylor Swift? Calvin Harris’ Girlfriend New Pop Queen?
Taylor Swift

Beyonce Knowles is allegedly jealous of Taylor Swift beating her in the top spot among the top female performers and highest earners in the music industry. Read on for more details.

According to Forbes, Swift and her DJ/boyfriend, Calvin Harris are ranked as the “world’s highest-paid celebrity couple with a combined annual earnings of $146 million,” reported OK! Magazine. The new power couple have beat out Jay Z and Beyonce, who are in second position with a “combined annual income of $110.5 million.”

The outlet reported that Swift’s new relationship with Harris has definitely increased her influence. It also claimed that Beyonce is became “furious about being expelled from the top spot to the second position, and she blames Jay Z.”

According to KpopStarz, the Magazine reported that Beyonce and Jay’s entire circle thught that it was a “real shock” that Swift would to overcome their position in the music industry.

The source also revealed that Jay Z’s wife is worried, and that the couple Beyonce and Jay has battled hard to regain their losses after the elevator attack. It further explained Beyonce’s alleged jealousy over the success of Calvin Harris’ girlfriend Taylor Swift.

“I love Beyonce more than… It’s like, normal for everyone to love Beyonce, but I love her more than that amount, like more than the normal amount,” said the “Bad blood” hitmaker Taylor Swift in an interview with KissFM UK, earlier.

The source reported that while Swift is busy in the music industry, Calvin Harris’ girlfriend is spending her time hawking a vegan nutrition plan.

The New York Post reported that it is time to crown Taylor Swift as “the new pop princess” replacing Jay Z’s wife Beyonce.

We know that Taylor Swift is one of Beyonce’s biggest fans, and if the reports claiming Beyonce’s alleged jealousy over Swift is true, the jealousy is unjustifiable and is inappropriate.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Taylor Swift

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