How Beyonce Kept Her Surprise Album ‘A Secret’

By admin | 4 years ago

Beyonce stunned her fans when her self-titled album – featuring 14 songs and a whopping 17 music videos – debuted on iTunes with absolutely no warning at midnight last Friday, Dec. 13. This surely could teach a master course in secret-keeping to the NSA.

A source told Us Weekly that Beyonce had already decided several months ago to release her new album in this way but she didn’t decide on the release date and that she perhaps did release it a little bit ago than expected. The Queen Bey was contemplating a surprise January release date, but then just felt right on Friday the 13th.

As it’s now known that the “XO” singer had already recorded over a dozen songs and videos, she also kept it discussing with others what should she do with the release of her album. “She kept going back and forth about what to do,” the source said. “She discussed it over and over again with Jay Z and her team and decided to just drop it this way. Only Beyonce could have done this!”

Obviously, people would be wondering to know how did one of the world’s biggest singers keep such a massive project behind the curtains. The insider told that the whole team “agreed not to breathe a word or the plan would be ruined.”

The source admits that it also required some innocent fibbing to the press to keep the whole thing secret. “The few people involved that knew had to lie a little so it didn’t blow the whole thing. It was worth it.”

And now Billboard currently projects that BEYONCÉ has sold over 550,000 copoies in the U.S., which has set it to secure the top slot on the Hot 100 chart!

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