Beyonce And Nicki Minaj Are Still Friends! The Halle Berry Post Was Just A Joke!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Beyonce And Nicki Minaj Are Still Friends! The Halle Berry Post Was Just A Joke!

A supposed shade from Nicki Minaj made Beyonce’s fans see red. Apparently, her fans were not amused when Nicki Minaj said that Halle Berry makes a better “Storm” from X Men than Beyonce who had dressed as Storm for a Birthday party. Read on for more details.

Beyonce had dressed as Storm from the X Men franchise when she had showed up for Ciara’s costume themed Birthday party. She had dressed up in white and had even put in contacts to match Halle Berry’s Storm. Her fans obviously thought that the attire was perfect in every way.

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The trouble started when Nicki Minaj favorited a post about the ensemble by the Twitter user named “Superhero Feed.” The user asked the twitterverse to compare Beyoncé’s ensemble to Halle Berry’s character portrayal of Storm in the X Men movie franchise.

The poster asked the twitterverse to favorite the post if the posters liked Halle Berry’s portrayal better and retweet it if they felt that Beyonce had nailed the costume and looked better than Halle Berry in the costume.

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Nicki Minaj, for reasons best known to herself, chose to favorite the post and this made Beyonce’s fans very angry. Minaj and Beyonce’ have always been best friends and fans in the know claim that the two are very supportive of each other.

Nicki has often posted tweets about her friendship with Beyonce, so it is unlikely that the lady was dissing Beyonce. Chances are she is just a big Halle Berry fan and wanted to tell everybody out there that she likes Halle Berry.

It is not known if the two singers were fighting for real or just teasing each other. These tweets seem to point out that the girls are still friends.

Minaj has always praised Beyonce and claimed that she has learned much from her. This just goes to show that the girls are still the best of friends.

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