Beyonce Rebukes Her Stylist For Adjusting Her Near Nip Slip

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago

Beyonce was lately seen scolding her stylist when she hopped to adjust Beyonce’s low cut gown before the paparazzi. The photographers captured the whole episode on camera. But Beyonce acted easy going and just joked about the botch conducted by her stylist.

The 34-year-old singer had a long awkward moment at the red carpet in Brooklyn on Tuesday. She was posing before the shutterbugs when her apprehensive stylist appeared to adjust her revealing dress. But the Queen made it clear that her stylist’s job gets completed when she is on the red carpet. She shooed her away as the photographers started clicking.

The hair stylist had appeared abruptly as she wanted to save Beyonce from facing any embarrassing near nip slip moment, but she had entered at the wrong time. A source told HollywoodLife that paparazzi had started calling out, “Right here Queen, right here Queen,” and Beyonce had to spurt “Stop it” to make her leave. While Beyonce kept smiling all the time, her stylist was terror-stricken and flew from the scene.


Beyonce left everyone speechless on the Tidal X 10/20 concert red carpet. The winning smile didn’t elude the singer’s lips as she started slinking. Her low cleavage accentuated her femininity overwhelmingly. Though her stylist was anxious that her double taping job may not be able to keep the dress at place, Beyonce walked with super confidence.

Beyonce, who is bestowed with a sense of humor too has her funny take on the whole episode with her assistant. She also uploaded a video of the whole scene on instagram. The “Single Ladies” star knows how to laugh and let go.

Beyonce was there at the event with many other singers. As per website of the event, the event was aimed at “promote(ing) the message of unity through music.”

Photo Source: Beyonce/Facebook

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