Beyoncé Rumored To Star As ‘Captain Marvel:’ Find Out More!

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Beyoncé Rumored To Star As ‘Captain Marvel:’ Find Out More!

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is said to be a part of “Avengers,” the Marvels’ superhero creation. Marvel studio broke the news earlier this year mentioning that the production would be extremely delighted to star “Crazy in love” singer to the flick. Marvel has shown interest in casting Beyoncé as one of the famous comic book character. Read on to find out more about the casting of Beyoncé by Marvel.

According to a Disney executive, the production is trying to rope in Beyoncé on board for “Avengers,” but the final casting decision remains with Marvel so everyone has to wait to an official announcement.

The pop queen has a huge fan following and has wonderful potential to pull crowd to theater. She has been a part of several movies that includes, “Epic,” “Life is but a dream,” “Obsessed” and “Dreamgirl” to name a few.

At one point of time Beyoncé wanted to play the role of “Wonder Woman,” the first black wonder woman but the role was taken by Gal Gadot. This time the “Baby” singer is speculated to be starred as “Captain Marvel” who is actually Carol Danvers in the comic. Denvers belongs to the white race but since Marvel has changed the ideology over the years, race is not going be a point of concern for the studio anymore, as stated by Techtimes.

“Captain Marvel” is going to be the first female superhero lead flick. It will be interesting to see “Captain Marvel” as the love interest of Black Panther for keeping the idea of a superhero wife.

Perhaps, the casting decision will be retained by President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige and the top management, but not Disney. The fans have to wait before celebrating success of Beyoncé as the confirmation on Captain Marvel is still awaited.

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