Beyoncé Spends a Whopping 3 Million Dollars on a Pair of Stilettos for New Music Video

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago

Whenever Beyoncé has been addressed as Queen B, she has been addressed right. Recently, Queen B just spent a whopping $337,000 on a pair of stilettos alone. The singer, who turned 33, is currently working on a music video which will feature her wearing these heels. The stilettos are made of diamond entirely and while this idea may seem completely bizarre, it is completely acceptable in showbiz.

We are surprised and excited at the same time because firstly, it’s completely outrageous to believe that someone would go to this extent of buying a pair of expensive shoes for just one music video. And we’re excited because the Crazy in Love singer is well known for her fetish for expensive clothes and ornaments. She always buys accessories and dresses from the most popular designers and normally does it for her music videos, reports

The stilettos have been created by House of Borgezie and will be out this autumn as Beyoncé has to begin shooting for her music video. The shoes are notoriously called Princess Diamond Constellation and are quoted to be the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ because of their design and hefty use of diamonds.

These stilettos are created in a period of three weeks and are entirely made out of diamonds with a base of gold and platinum wherever desired. The gold used in the shoes is basically of 18 carats and the number of diamonds used adds up to an unbelievable 1310. The diamond weight equals 65.50 carats and the shoes look extremely beautiful on Beyoncé’s feet.

Reported by Hollywood Life, Beyoncé has also bought a Basque Belt le Palais along with the stilettos which cost her $85,900 and both the products come with a lifelong guarantee. The shoes are unlikely to break as they feature a sole and heel remover attribute.

Fans are really excited to watch Beyoncé wear these classy shoes and feature them in her new music video.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Beyonce

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