Beyonce uploads some cute selfies of her in bed

By admin | 4 years ago

It is pretty safe to categorize Beyonce as one of the most beautiful women on all of Hollywood and if some people still think that she only looks good by wearing makeup then we’ll give you guys something to consider right here.

Below are pictures of the celebrity looking absolutely stunning and flawless as she takes a couple of selfies in bed.

If you see carefully (or not so carefully, cuz its pretty obvious) then you’ll notice that she is not wearing any make up at all. Doesn’t she look great? Yes she does!

Even though Beyonce did write a caption to the pictures, we think that none were needed to express the way she is looking in her photos.

The first picture shows the laughing singer lying in bed against white pillows with eyes closed and an arm resting on her forehead.

Beyonce appears to have just woken up, her wavy hair spilling all around her head.

The second snapshot is merely an ultra close-up of Beyonce’s face that has been stripped bare of any foundation, concealer, lipstick, eye liner or shadows.

Other than that, Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z put on quite the show at the Grammy’s when both of them performed together on stage and made me consider that marriage would actually be really hot (given the way Jay and Bey are doing it).

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