Beyonce Used Messy Mya Songs In ‘Formation’ Video; Heir Demands $20 Million For Copyright Infringement

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Beyonce Used Messy Mya Songs In ‘Formation’ Video; Heir Demands $20 Million For Copyright Infringement
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Beyonce was accused of using parts of a song owned by dead rapper Messy Mya aka Anthony Barre. The singer allegedly fused the songs in her Formation music video. Read on for details.

Angel Barre, the sole heir to the Barre estate, is claiming for damages. According to her, it has impaired the credibility of her brother as a single artist. The latter did his own songs and never endorsed any artist. According to the lawsuit, the singer did not ask permission from the family.

Beyonce Sued For Copyright Infringement

Barre said that her brother’s words, voice, and performance in some of Beyonce’s songs. The list includes A 27 Piece Huh and Booking the Hoes of New Wildings. According to her sworn statement via  Washington Post, these songs were used illegally. She is claiming  $20 million for damages and violation of copyright infringement.

Beyonce s yet to give their statement regarding the allegations of the complainant. The music video was used to set the mood. Scroll down to watch the video.

Anthony Barre’s flourishing career was nipped in the bud. He died at the age of 22 with his son not able to see him. After he stepped out of the baby shower venue, he was gunned down without seeing his son or daughter. When the photos of the corpse lying in a pool of blood surface on the Internet, it turned viral.


Beyonce To Perform At Coachella Despite Pregnancy

Meanwhile, the Single Ladies singer might cancel her performance at the Coachella. She will likely follow the advice of the doctor that her performance at the said event is risky for her. She is currently pregnant for the second time but this time, they are twins. But until today, there were no reports about any cancellation or replacement.

A source revealed that her performance might not be canceled. The organizers already promoted her upcoming stint and they had sold the tickets. They will have no choice but to continue with her performance despite her pregnancy. Besides they have not reached out to other possible replacements.

How will Beyonce perform now that she is heavy with child? The mother-of-one announced just this month that she is pregnant with twins. Her announcement was through a social media post which cannot deny that she is indeed pregnant. The singer posted her nude photos that created a pandemonium on Twitter.

Her upcoming performance at the Grammy Awards will also push through. Followers of the 35-year-old singer are eager to know how she will go with her performance as she carries her twins. Beyonce has a daughter named Blue Ivy who also performed in her Formation music video.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Beyonce

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