Beyoncé Went Under the Knife Despite the Singer’s Advocacy Against Plastic Surgery, Claims Surgeons

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago

Beyoncé represents all things beautiful in Hollywood. Aside from the glitz and the glamour that the “Love on Top” singer has achieved, Beyoncé also exudes that natural glow and fresh face in front of and behind the cameras. Is it true that the 33-year-old singer went under the knife despite her previous stand against plastic surgery? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Beyoncé went under the knife and did some recent changes to her nose, claims plastic surgeons, according to Radar Online. The outlet cited opinions from several plastic surgeons in the area, including one from Beverly Hills, Dr. Susan Evans, who pointed out that Beyoncé has done a noticeable change on the way her nose looks now.

“Beyoncé’s nose is more narrowed and the nose bridge appears elevated,” the plastic surgeon described.

The plastic surgeon, however, explained that age can do certain changes to our body, but the “Drunk in Love” singer seems to defy the signs of aging. Another plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn also agreed with Evans’ observations and noted that Beyoncé seems to have undergone a “surgical rhinoplasty.”

Beyoncé has not yet commented on these plastic surgery claims from several doctors, but the mother of one has previously aired her thoughts on plastic surgery.

“It represents all the things that people go through to put up with the pressure that society puts on us,” Beyoncé said.

These new claims against Jay-Z’s wife, however, are not the first time for the singer and songwriter to involved in such kinds of rumors. Slim Celebrity shared several side-by-side photos to prove that Beyoncé underwent several surgeries in the past, including rhinoplasty, lip reduction surgery and breast enlargement.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Beyoncé


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