Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’ – A Dig at Rihanna’s ‘Drunk On Love’?

By admin | 4 years ago

It’s not just the title but we couldn’t help to notice that Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’ is ironically very similar to Rihanna’s ‘Drunk On Love!’

Beyonce looks super sexy in her new black and white video, Drunk In Love, but it also appears that the Queen Bey could be throwing shade at Rihanna. Both the ladies have had beef in the past – is this another dig at RiRi?

Beyonce has just released her self-entitled album, which features 17 music videos, and it’s one of those videos, in which Beyonce can be seen twerking and dancing on the beach in a scandalous bikini. And not to mention, her hubby Jay Z is also right there with her, as always!

However, it kind of reminds us of Rihanna’s Drunk On Love. Apart from the title, the lyrics and the video of Beyonce’s new song are also super sexy, as we have seen in case of RiRi’s hit!

We know that there’s been a great deal of beef between the two clebrities in the past. Do you remember Rihanna’s reaction to Drake’s song “Girls Love Beyonce”? Rihanna did post the photo of a man in a speedo with “Beyonce” printed across the butt, with the caption, “Boys Love” – just to say that not all girls do?

Do you think Beyonce’s Drunk In Love is a dig at Rihanna?

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